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Player Wildstar Level 1-49 impressions

What is the big draw about this game. What is Wildstar all about? What does it do well, what does it do poorly. I got a big revelation to share about why I think Wildstar is THE mmo to watch this 2014.

what's good its fever I wanted to give my impressions a

level 12 49 a wild start now the level cap

love this game is the most fifty in a few ever played in MMO you know that the

experience between leveling and questing

is drastically different from the and gamer max look phase

so I want to get what I think about this game

out before I even experience the elder game in

I apologize because I'm just kinda going with that under certain

talking rid of my head but before I jump into my own thoughts

I wanna see that if you were cleaning on watching were reading

anybody else's reviews do not be too much

into them unless they have reached at least level 20 and have completed

a dungeon or two and could also say that I would hope

to find people who have played to level 35 or 40 is that's where the experience

really becomes

less stale could it down you kind of have an idea what the game's about

and I know that's actually a really huge time investment to ask

resistance levels take a couple hours each but

those are very weird to give

impressions on the net I really I respect to the

first impressions format but promos and wild star in particular

you can't really get a good read on the game because everything is so


the game just changes so much as you progress that

each five or ten levels the game feels different in

you have different things you can do work could do we're different

options so please enforce your own 20 level rule for taking reviews

seriously and realize that people who bought into the beta with the pre-order

can't believe reached level 70

now what do I think about what sir

first of let me say that I am eager for the release in this game expected not

wait to sink

unpalatable amount of time to the game that said

this was one of the most boulet and and conventional

and the motives I've ever played if I could describe my experience

single word it would be man this is actually a source at my frustration with

the game

as well is where I think love the charm lies because it's familiar

while starr doesn't early June anything different from other gates most among

those being released have some sort of cook

setting ok gameplay feature game focus

or lower that really grabbed your attention and holds on but

wild start does it its painfully obvious that cleans

like eighty sillier whimsical sci-fi

Western in the world were craft with a watered-down

action based combat system using inability system from Diablo 3

now we still have the traditional Holy Trinity

up the take healer DPS rose there's two warring factions

with a number of classes and races with instance PvP in PvP

we run from quest abt request I love looking for explanations on the map into

people's heads

to get to quests you kill accept something there

gathered Acer deliver this to their and

before in which federal that you're going to be running to

news on to do that same thing over and over again that

trade skills are very similar the the humping up the main city everything is

very familiar and I think the worst part is those interesting thing to me when I

what I heard about it is the combat the comment is funny because

the movement part is really smooth in movement is incorporated into a lot of

the game played in a really nice way

but the action combat portion is a weird

because well everything is a skill shot

little %uh Astrix there it's like a league of Legends skill shot

where know basically hit as close as you're looking in the right direction

and you

gauge range but it's harder to miss than it is to hit

how did that the game utilizes that school system like Diablo were you

actually have a limited amount of the abilities that can be equipped

from say a list of 30 but they can be augmented but early on in the game as

you're playing through you only have a couple

abilities that you have access to became really revolves into

button mashing where there's no skill to the game

well-served risky because not only is it believed it doesn't really have a hook

its sci-fi a humorous theme

in the stylized cartoon graphics these are three things that can completely

just heard somebody

after the game instantly and it actually did that to me in fact

I had access to Elder Scrolls online for three weeks

and ok sorry three weekends and i ended up playing more it but I did

when I had wild star for on a couple months I'd probably some quick five to

six hours and wild star

and I was playing officials alike all the time so read into that

as you will because others will the line has been butcher

but then something wonderful app I hit level 20

and jumped into a dungeon and that's where I realized

that this game was special it's not because it's something new that it had

but,because it kept something in it that other teams have

the rollaway difficulty and personal achievement okay

this is we're getting to the good stuff dungeons and while starr

are very typical the very right in the middle you run through

instances old killing sets of trash that never end added

in between all that is littered with a very big quest line and some bosses

but the boss fights are where I got hooked

wild star kills with difficulty in a very unique way

instead of just tweaking values and making enemies hit harder

were happy more health where they give you some novelty to avoid

there the psych crap did very well designed fights that kid

intense I mean just check out the video right now they look great

and their heart but not only are they hard

but they feel fair the that's the really big line there they feel

their you die in you or man at the healer who forgot to heal your the take

for losing agro

you probably died because you were unable to navigate

through the bosses spells inability in some

kinda weird day it's the day it's a super fucking important

because when you fucked up it while starr you die

seriously death is fuckin just quick and its painful

its you soon get into this River where

answering these fights you learn the dance

and when you get that Danes down you feel like you booked that Boston

all the dish no to them even if you were healing

even if you were taking you're still doing the day it's because

although the Telegraph lubes are for everyone

the buttons the ability is your healing your causing threat

bills might have been different but you were to stepping with me

and the level of satisfaction for doing a boss that was difficult

and killing him is unreal

but even if you die okay you can just

res back in and flip your abilities very quickly in between comics that's how the

ability system works you can change everything on the flight 3rd Combat

so you can change your spec based on the counter

maybe you need added some more mobility work in truck worst air

or a we did Mitch or damage mitigation or a secondary

ability that removes interrupt armor or maybe you want support abilities to help

your other players whether it's on every white boxer

develops on the boss you try that it doesn't work

to try to get and you keep doing it and you keep

poultry in making decisions that reinforce the feeling that

would you kill the boss you fucked him up

you've got to look good in you or in fact a box

not to remove the twenty that's a first for me feel that but it just gets better

but little twenty is also run the level where monster packs

ok inquest lead they can kill you you pull the initial pack

and you have a real fight on your hands that easily ends up with you guys

help even one pack proves that st. in in a very strange way because it's not just

the difficulty in

how hard he hits and how much you when you could do the top the

combat Telegraph's need to be avoided you cannot be lazy

you to fuck that mock yet a two-step around them

welcome good aboard the first attack stop the next burst down before he

finishes the next four avoid

because if he hits you there's a good chance you're gonna die and with the

Nazi back into a different set a group

a difference in a box and if he does swap out your abilities real quick

do what you need to do to fuck bat mom

and if we added to the sort of up their vision of this game got 40 man raid to

be a genuine group quests we have vero very hard

in some cases on soul on school the local

the heart that you can't kill yourself that can drop unique year

there's the whole wide bed quests for everybody

somebody's you need like 20 plus people to do there's

personal challenges aid real

difficulty in the game is really just given to us what's been taken away from

us a real sense %uh achievement it's not about entitlement

would be do something good we feel good

and when we do something bad me feel bad in the game will actually Maki who could

you don't make fun to be with dialogue

and I think that's what's missing that there's actually loads you feel bad when

you play the game

but you also can feel good now actually just thinking about it

there is one thing that well sir does that is creativity

the housing system is absolutely phenomenal I don't wanna go into too

many details

but it's much more than just decorating your house and I just keep learning more

and more about it and I'm super excited

it also works as a feature the game that encourages you to want to play with

others instead of forcing you to you and this is something that is desperately needed

in and those which

some people place although some people play MMO's

solo which is completely backwards to me I'm

now because I've up because the balance issues

I stayed away from PvP

and that's really cuz you can't really get the permitted

you don't really get a good sense of it because you're at the right level that

the balancing for

and overall I don't know I just I don't wanna touch it because

PDP is a completely separate beast add some people don't even want PDP in their

games but I were to get one main thing across okay

if you really well star if your gonna be watching contact if you're going to be

watching other people

stream it nearly listening to people talk about it

the main strength wild star

is that it has this persistent feeling

all the time that jury they're doing something good

and you're working toward something we're doing something bad

just being bad and you are bad and you just keep dying or whatever

there was a partner my lovely process ride I'd about 15 times

because there's one mob had to set up attacks that couldn't get

like could get through my head and it was just a normal mock had to look

twenty oval

and I change my ability loaded about seven times

I'm the DPS warrior in a tuneup taking a couple takes pills in a couple of these

utilities bills to just

instilled kill him quickly I just tried to avoid

and when I killed him when I all that but then rock mob

it just felt good wild star

is not like some kids sport or contest

where you're the last winter you'll wind up where you lose

you did you don't get rewarded just for participating

I like wild star hope you do too I'm

purse I'm