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Basic Walkthrough to WildStar Warrior AMP

Upon achieving level six, the WildStar Warrior will earn one AMP point and gain access to the AMP (advanced modification protocol). This system gives the player greater flexibility in personalization of the Warrior by allowing players to choose additional power and emphasis in any six areas. The hexagon grid is divided into six segments, which are further divided into three tiers.


WildStar -Warrior -AMP

The six segment categories include: Assault, Support, and Utility at the base level, Assault/Support, Support/Utility and Assault/Utility, which are hybrids of the base categories. Each of these categories allows players to customize the Warrior specifically for their needs and unique style of game play.

The first tier contains augmentations that are strictly stat improving, such as critical damage (amount and frequency), and assault power in the Assault Category. Each category contains augmentations for abilities specific to that skill set. The Support segment allows the Warrior to choose to Deflect, Deflect Critical Hit and to increase support. The Utility segment offers reduction in regeneration times for dash and cool down as well as CC Resilience. The hybrids is good for the warrior PvP build allowing it to increase Shield,PvP Offense and Defensive, Armor Piercing, Lifesteal and Strikethrough.

The first tier of each segment starts with level one options for any gambit, which players can level up three times. Each node of augmentation in tier one costs one AMP point. Once the Warrior has activated three enhancements in one segment, tier two for that segment will open.

The center circle of the hexagon keeps track of how many AMP points you have left to spend. The maximum amount of AMP points that can be used is 55. This limits the amount of nodes that can be activated at one time. However, players can change the set up of their enhancements to take advantage of special skill sets.

In tier two players can purchase specialized enhancements. These alter innate abilities. For example, activating Detonate at tier two for four AMPs will alter overdrive and produce an explosion that has a 60 second cool down.

Tier three offers the Warrior a new ability, Tremor, that can be added to the set for 2 points. Kinetic Fury and Army Shred complete the Assault tier. Power Link and Bolstering Strike complete the base abilities.

Elder Gems are a planned feature that will allow players to purchase additional AMP points and hard to get AMPs if the RNG doesn’t favor them.