Crafting Gear at WildStar Endgame

wildstarmall Date: Jul/14/14 11:50:45 Views: 392

Crafters do crafting dailies that are found in Illium/Thayd (Main cities), Deradune, Ellevar, Whitevale, Wilderrun, Malgrave and Grimvault (There might be others that I have yet to find) to gain crafting vouchers that can be spent to purchase crafting materials and more importantly schematics for expert research.




Expert research schematics are unlocked tierly up to tier 4. You need to craft tier 1 resonators to create tier 2 resonators and so on so forth. Some schematics also have dependency in the other ones, this is seen in the tech tree. For example in order to create tier 3 pistols you would have also needed to create tier 1 and 2 greatsword & tier 1, 2 and 3 resonators.

Cost of the schematics vary between 8000 and 32125 vouchers. However this is not that much of an limiting factor because you can get over 20000 vouchers PER day (also the schematics are only needed once, after used you permanently learn the craft). Bigger limiter are eldan data fragments (soulbound, and only 1 per day can be acquired and you can need up to 21) and accelerons that are end game weaponsmithing material.

There are 4 kinds of these accelerons, all of them requiring the following:
5x Sign of Earth/Air/Fire/Water – Eldan (Depending are you making Corium/Cyclonite/Emberine/Marinax respectively)
4x Galactium Chunk
2x Sign of Fusion – Eldan
1x Eldan Acceleron
You start needing these crafted at tier 2 and you need 1-2, depending from the craft.

Another major thing are hybrid powercores. In order to gain maximum power gain from your crafts, you want to use as good powercores as possible, this means that you will need to get a quality one from somewhere. Let it be either salvaging (possibly epic) gear or having a technologist make them for you.

Then there is the risk balancing of do you want to try pump out extra stats while crafting with the risk of destroying the craft.