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Discussion wildstar class - like or hate

So after today I got all classes to 15 and most to 20. I mainly wanted to find out which class I wanted as a Tank and Healer for head-start coming up. I have decided it will be an Engineer as a tank and Medic for Heals, as those were the 2 classes I enjoyed the most.

For those of you that have tried all of the classes, were there any that just did not click with you?

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Player 1

Stalker - rarely a fan of 'roguish' types, and this seems no difference. Avoidance tanking seems kind of iffy to me, if that's what they end up mostly being - don't know much about their tanking. Claws are badass though.

Esper - for a game that has added so much mobility and emphasized mobility in combat the esper seems like they have concrete shoes. I tried it to like level 10 or so but it just never felt right.

Still debating between medic and spellslinger in a healing role - tough decision.


Player 2

Esper has a stand & cast main attack and another big heal. The delayed spinning blades are instant cast and there's an instant HoT that unlocked around 10 iirc. Not to split hairs, and I get your point about mobility, but I see it more as a choice between mobility and channeling. If I time my actions right, I don't have to channel when I want to be moving. If I get caught with my pants down now and again, that's kind of a thrill.

I will be a little upset if there aren't a few more instant cast heals I can juggle to make up for the channeled one.


Player 3

Esper and spellslinger feel weird to me. Their telegraphs are narrow and don't feel impactful. And the stationary nature of espers I hate. Warrior is next on the list. Individually the skills feel intuitive. But chained together it seems like a mess. Going from rampage to whirlwind for example just feels awkward. And their lack of range I feel will be a detriment.

Medic, Engineer, stalker all feel good to me, and in that order. Medic/Engineer have good telegraphs and they feel powerful. Stalker is just interesting to play with how the stealth mechanic works.


Player 4

Spellslingers are by far the best class for me. I really like ranged mobile classes and their innate adds a much better complexity when compared to the engi, which was what I thought I would end up going.

After that, I liked the warrior a bit.

Stalker seemed very underpowered in PvP (at least in the low levels) since there's a shit ton of telegraphs everywhere so I couldn't use stealth as well. I know this class requires patience and timing, two things that are not my strong suit :P.

Espers... same complain as everyone else. Lacks mobility. Couldn't get passed the tut area since I hated their primary attack so much.

Still gotta try the medic, but they seem to be a paladin class, which were never my thing. Might give it a shot tomorrow.


Player 5

The only 2 classes I did not like were the Esper and the Spellslinger. I did not like the Esper, mainly due to it's lack of mobility. I also wasn't happy with how quick the Psi points would reset so that it was hard to chain them between mobs if they were a little bit apart from each other. If Esper had more freeform abilities I could definitely see myself enjoying it more and competing with Medic for my choice as a Healer. Also, Esper just flat out has the coolest looking skill animations in the game, no disputing that! The Spellslinger didn't really have anything wrong with it per se, I just generally did not enjoy the spells personally ( a lot of them seem too similiar) and I wasn't having as much fun leveling it.

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