Do You Know Wildstar AMP? Advanced Modification Protocol

wildstarmall Date: Oct/16/14 11:23:30 Views: 345

In fact, AMP is abbreviations for Advanced Modification Protocol, and it is a class customization feature of wildstar games. Using a constellation-style grid, players are able to spend points to customize their character into a number of different areas, such as Assault, Utility, or Support, and their combinations. The AMP system in WildStar is varied and diverse but there are a lot of AMPs you cannot use without obtaining them in item form. You get one from an early quest and likely some more from world drops while leveling.


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The AMPS in the first tier or inner section as highlighted above are unlocked by default, however the red locked AMPS have to be unlocked either by a world drop or from a vendor. You can buy wildstar platinum from our site. Each zone has an AMPs vendor who normally sell two and upon reaching level 15 you will unlock a second action set with an AMP tree specific to that action set. Besides, AMPs can be hard to track down, especially when the game is not clear as to where they are. The AMP Finder addon on Curse can help you find all of the classes' AMPs.

Many AMPs need to be unlocked before points can be assigned to them. AMPS are inventory items which can be acquired in one of three ways, such as trading with another player (through mail, trade, or the auction house), looting from an enemy NPC (v. low rate random chance drop), and purchasing from a friendly NPC. Right clicking on an AMP in the inventory will "use" the item and unlock the relevant AMP in the AMP tree. Hope this guide can make you have a good knowledge of how to play wildstar, have fun!