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  • Why Do you Keep Playing WildStar? [12/23/2016]
    There have been negative reviews on WildStar game and some players quit. But some players still keep playing the game. So this page will list several reasons collected from the community to show why players keep playing this game.
  • How To Level Up Fast in WildStar [12/06/2016]
    Leveling can be a pretty daunting job in any MMO game, and unfortunately WildStar suffers from a similar fate. This page will gonna give you several tips to level up fast.
  • WildStar 1.6.2 Update with New Features [11/26/2016]
    WildStar 1.6.2 update has already come out with cross fictional features. You'll be able to form groups from other faction.
  • Returning to Wildstar for Interesting Content [04/19/2016]
    WildStar is two years old now, but it's fresh again thanks to its free-to-play conversion and shift to the freemium model. The game is now completely free-to-play with some optional services for purchase.
  • Wilstar Security Solutions: Two-Step Verification [04/18/2016]
    Some players may ask what I should do if I lose or want to unlink the mobile device linked to my account. The passage provided the solusion for your easy reference.
  • Why are you interested in Wildstar? [04/16/2016]
    By playing the Wildstar, I found there are special things makes me love Wildstar. There are 4 aspects in below passage.
  • Wildstar announcement: Hoverboard Hound [04/14/2016]
    Wildstar team announced that the In-Game Store has brand new items to drool over, including unique new decor building pieces, a dye color that's straight out of Arcterra, and an adorably awesome hoverboard. As we all know, Wildstar has been free to play now, and the new hoverboard has been came out. Let us join in the game to have fun now. Below is the details about the announcement.
  • Wildstar's a New Major Update - Arcterra [04/14/2016]
    As we all know, Wildstar has been free to play. However, some players did not know the details about the Wildstar's fist major update since it went free to play last year. Below is mainly introduce the update of snowy zone named Arcterra.
  • Wildstar Guidence - the thing to do in 50! [04/12/2016]
    Before reading,you need to know this guide is massive! As of such, you may want to skip ahead to the parts you are most interested with using the table of contents found below.
  • Wilstar: 9 Simple Rules For Fast Leveling to 50 [04/11/2016]
    For those of you worrying about how long it takes to hit 50 after watching videos or trying it yourself, or perhaps you just want another 50 but are put off by how long it took your the first time!
  • Wildstar announcement: Account Compromises was Increased [04/10/2016]
    We would like to inform you that we find that the number of customer support contacts related to compromised accounts is increasing. The situation has been analyzing by us, also, the affected accounts has been reported to us, and NCSOFT accounts are being targeted through use of account credentials, and it is obtained from data theft at other online services.
  • Fresh LV 50 Guide for Wildstar - Gearing Ap (PvE) [04/08/2016]
    I'm seeing that lots of people seem to not know what possible paths one can take in order to gear when hitting lv 50. Fret not, I'm here to help you out.
  • Wildstar: Double XP X-plosion! April 8-11 [04/07/2016]
    Protostar loves eXtra Profits, and you love eXperience Points. Put them together and you've got a Protostar Double XP X-Plosion! For a limited time Protostar will match your experience—point for point.
  • Wildstar: Utilizing Mice With 5+ Buttons - Unconventional Keybindings For automatic Mouse Look [04/06/2016]
    I hope I was able to help some of you to find a not only entertaining, but also efficient alternative to the conventional control schemes.
  • Five Tips for Returning Back to WildStar [04/06/2016]
    WildStar has been free-to-play, so its time to dust off those WildStar accounts and get back to Nexus. Below are the suggestions for your back to WildStar.
  • Wildstar's Destination Arcterra Update Goes live [04/03/2016]
    Destination Arcterra invites you to explore a frigid continent in following the tale of Drusera and the Entity. Along with its telegraphing, dodge-rolling combat system, Wildstar's story was a joy, so more of that, please.
  • Madame Fay Has New Fortunes in Wildstar [04/01/2016]
    With the advancement into Arcterra, Madame Fay is hoarding treasures returning from the expedition and stuffing them all into tiny golden orbs—just for you!
  • Ice, Ice, Baby Boulderback [04/01/2016]
    The Protostar Corporation has been a little frustrated that Madame Fay is snatching up most of the best treasure coming in from Arcterra's expeditions, but that hasn't stopped them from finding a few new items in the back of the warehouse to offer savvy consumers.
  • Destination Arcterra Arrives March 30 [03/31/2016]
    In an ongoing search for the Vault of the Archon, the Caretaker has uncovered a previously unexplored area of Nexus. In this expansive new zone players will climb to the top of sheer cliff faces, delve far below the frozen tundra to explore vast underground caves, and explore frozen ruins filled with mysterious foes and untold treasures.
  • Buy Cheap Wildstar Gold at wildstarmall.com is your best choice [12/02/2014]
    WildStar is a popular role playing computer game. Using weapons and resources, the object is to build up a strong-enough army to be able to attack other armies. One way to make your army strong is by having a lot of gold.
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