Have you given up playing WildStar Yet

wildstarmall Date: Sep/02/14 11:27:37 Views: 385

WildStar has been released for about two months, and there is a hot post in Reddit taking about the possibilities about giving up the game, so we are here today to make a survey to get to know your precious ideas, are you losing the will to play WildStar? 


Possible reasons to give up WildStar
1. Come to WildStar with a high expectation. There is no wonder that WS is big producer and many players have high expectations to it. And usually, the disappointment will come to us at such circumstance.
2. Account locking and banning problems. NC Soft has banned thousands of account this month, and it is not that natural for a new game. And we don’t know if there are some mistakes there.
3. Not easy to find proper team in Raid and Dungeons. We are all excited when we know that the classic MMORPG elements such as the 40 men raid comes back in WS, but it comes a little bad when we can’t call a team to get what we want.
4. The playing time is too long. As an adult, we sometimes don’t have that much continues time for the game, so may be it is the reason that some players think it is a game for kids.

So, are you losing the will to play WildStar?
It is actually not easy to make up such a decision as we already have feelings in it. From Google Trend we attached former, we know that there are already some players who give up this game. But still, from the warm discussion in Reddit, we can feel that players still have hope for WildStar, wish the coming new PVP map will comfort our hearts.