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Have you mind that Wildstar has Changed a lot

Recently Wildstar official website published an upcoming version 1.2.0 adjusted announcement which said the scale of the game from the team a copy of 40 down to 20 people. In the FAQ game development team said: raid 20 mode is for players are able to be more easily find the team on the test server has been tested for some time, and will completely replace the existing 40-player mode, players achievements and equipment obtained from 40 copies on the patch will also automatically convert after line, equipment falling number will be reduced based on team size reduced, but will not reduce the difficulty of the copy overall challenge.


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WildStar was developed by NCsoft's Carbine Studios sci-fi theme online games. The game is set on a planet called Nexus, where advanced technology and magic hidden energy. Autonomy is the galaxy's powerful empire, they occupied the Nexus, forcing the mercenaries on the planet, the rebels formed the exiles and refugees camps, plus a variety of dangerous alien creatures, the three forces on the Nexus conflicts, the game is began in such a background. The work is now officially operating in Europe and America using monthly card charges. China Region have no relevant agents operating information.

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