How to buy CREDD in WildStar

wildstarmall Date: Sep/15/14 15:13:42 Views: 344

How to buy CREDD in WildStar. There are two ways. First, to buy directly; second, to post buy order, for example, you can put 420 WildStar gold, if the current price is 460. If someone sell it at this price in 48 hours, you can get what you want in CREDD. If you want to sell CREDD you bought not long ago in this system, there are 10% price differencial which is to prevent sellers break the game WildStar balance.


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It haven't finished after you bought CREDD in WildStar. You need to communicate to improve your online game. Then how to exchange? You can find CREDD in your account, choose and click it to exchange. After that, you complete the task. Later you can contact WildStar game time by checking the account.

A note for you, your account in wildstar will be overdue 3 months. You will get a message from the official and then the account can not be used anymore. Marketing Team.