How to Gain the Fastest EXP in WildStar

wildstarmall Date: Jul/22/14 11:46:15 Views: 398

When it comes to leveling quickly in WildStar, all classes will have a fair shot at leveling efficiently either solo or with teammates. Due to the solid trinity system that’s in place, some classes and specs will level quicker than others. In general, healers and tanks will level slower than DPS specs due to killing speed and recovery time in between combat. However this difference is minor in WildStar, but still fairly noticeable.


wildstar leveling

Every class in WildStar has a DPS spec that’s capable of performing competently in all forms of PvE and PvP gameplay options. All DPS specs should level at roughly the same speed, largely depending on what type of DPS build is used. All DPS builds should have a survivability or utility ability or two in order to prepare for worst case scenarios and avoid dying as it slows down leveling significantly.

In WildStar, questing give more exp than grinding mobs. The stalkers might have a slight edge on this due to the fact that stealth allows them to avoid a large percentage of combat making they could complete each quest faster than other classes. On the other hand, other classes will gain more EXP comparatively due to the EXP provided by killing extra enemies. All in all, Stalkers will definitely have a slight edge.

Tank and healer roles will be able to level fairly quickly when playing smartly and either grouping up with other players or using a build that allows them more versatility. Tanks and healers will also be able to pull larger packs of enemies and use area-of-effect abilities to kill at a quick rate despite killing single target mobs a little slower.

DPS players who choose to pick up multiple area-of-effect abilities like Warriors and Engineers will also be able to level extremely quickly. By pulling multiple packs of enemies and utilizing a little crowd control such as stuns, mobs will die fast. Due to the fact that each class is fairly limited as far as abilities are concerned, the classes that will level the quickest will be played by players selecting the strongest leveling builds.

There is no definite answer to the question of which class will level the quickest in WildStar. Instead, all classes will be able to level quickly when using the right role as well as the right build. When in doubt, experiment with the abilities you use to find the right build that works for you and your playstyle.