How to Learn New Keybindings in WildStar

wildstarmall Date: Aug/12/14 11:25:12 Views: 354

Keybinding is a sensitive topic,the way that you feel comfortable setting up your keybinds may be very different from mine – what matters is that you are able to execute the 3 numbered points above. We’ve had many gamers adopt our setup or its philosophy and they have reported good success.



Any keybindings setup should
1)provide the ability to circle-strafe and kite-strafe to keep a target in your facing as much as possible
2)enable high fidelity / accuracy for using abilities quickly, and
3)not give you carpal tunnel

How to Learn New Keybindings
Realize that rebinding your keys is one of the most disruptive things you can do. It’s like learning to walk all over again. Therefore, you have to be patient. It typically takes a week of playing to get the muscle memory down for a new setup.

Do not remap your keybinds and then queue up for PVP or join a PVE raid. You will find yourself struggling and getting frustrated, because your natural reactions are to use your old keybinds. And then you’ll come blame me, and I’ll have to quote this section.

The easiest way to learn a new set of keybinds is to roll a new character, experiment, and by the time you hit level 10 or so, you’ll be well on your way to feeling much more comfortable with it. At that point you can try your new keybinds on higher-level characters