How to make money in WildStar as a Crafter

wildstarmall Date: Aug/08/14 11:35:00 Views: 260

Are you poor? Can’t afford that new hoverboard? Trying to get gold for your mount? Then I have the solution for you! In just under 30 minutes a day you can get your bank account looking fat and plump! Buy happiness, today!



Crafter,it is my favorite technique and has been my money maker by far in Wildstar. The idea here is to use your crafting trade skill to produce an item more valuable than its individual components, and sell it to make a profit.

The key to this is looking at potential items you can craft, and not just seeing which is the most valuable to sell, but which will make you the most amount of money. The crucial difference between the two is how much the materials to craft the item will cost you.

A few important tips to keep in mind are as follows:
1)Many recipes make multiple items per craft. You should make sure you see this number of items per craft or get a mod that does show it.
2)Watch out for out-supplying demand. It’s all well and good if you make a plat off a craft, but if there’s only enough demand to sell it once a month, it’s probably not worth dealing with. Instead look for high-volume, reliable transactions for a steady income.
3)Don’t forget to consider selling to a vendor. I’ve made much more money off of vendors than players simply because I can sell absolutely everything I make, and I know exactly how much I can spend on materials and still make a profit.