How to wield Circuit Board Crafting for item

wildstarmall Date: Oct/24/14 14:06:24 Views: 349

You can wield Circuit Board Crafting for items that with attributes no matter it is weapons or armor. WildStar platinum is also very useful for every player. During the process of construction you are able to select which extra attributes you like to use into the item, you pick the item to construct, then you will see the screen which shows you the weapon’s name, durability and requirements, and its 2 main attributes. There are empty Power Bar, and three empty spaces for the Chips, you can plus Power Cores above Chip to boost your max Power, and plus Capacitors and Inductors in the right and left Chip to boost attributes.


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You can use WildStar Gold and freely select the attribute to plus to the weapon in right or left chip. After selecting it, you can wrench your creation to make more potency. Choose right or left to control the numerical values of every chips attributes, this will raise or reduce your Power Bar depend on the distance you push your weapon.

If you boost an attribute from a chip higher then the Power Bar costs more. As you push the weapon very far, you will have the risk that trouble the your creation’s balance. Capacitors, Inductors, and Power Cores are tradeable, you can salvage or buy from any items you see in WildStar, if you want to buy WildStar platinum, you can place order from our site.