Is WildStar Dead? do you agree with this idea?

wildstarmall Date: Sep/16/14 11:56:20 Views: 435

WildStar had received a lot of attentions before its release, but it lost its popularities in a few months after its launch. Many players think that WildStar is dead already, do you agree with this idea? We is going to discuss this topic with you today.




On one band, many players think that WildStar is dead. One significant evidence is that the declining player numbers in forums as well as in the game. People tend to lose the interests to play and to discuss, it is not a good sign. Also, the few updates in its official forums seems to imply that NC Soft doesn’t plan to work hard to bring players back. Little updates are not usually in MMORPG. Many famous MMORPG such as WOW and GW2 continuous to bring new contents to its players in a regular timetable, it is not the case in WildStar. Besides, the high difficulty is also one reason that players lose interests in WS.

On the other hand, there are still some players have confidences in WildStar, it mainly because the fine art design and the good reputation from the game designer. If WildStar is designed by one unknown small company, it may already been dead. There are still new players come to WildStar these days to experience the wonderful planet. So we can tell from here that WS do have been promoted well before its release. And there are also a certain number don’t think this game is too hard to fight, they have the confidence and enthusiasm to conquer the planet. And the coming Megaservers and Single-player Dungeon are both attractive.

So, what is your idea actually? You can discuss this topic with us, welcome to turn to us when you need cheap WildStar Gold in your game.