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Lost Ark: How to complete Pandang caches quest?

This step-by-step guide will walk you through everything you need to know about how to complete the Lost Ark Pandang Caches quest. This quest is available on Pandang Island, which is located between the Arthetine and Anikka peoples. You need to complete this quest to get the Pandang Caches Island.





How to start Pandang Caches quest?

To start the quest, head to Pandang Island and speak with Zhongshu (NPC) to start Pandang's Caches quest. This quest requires you to discover three caches on Pandang Island: Zhongshu (NPC) will ask you to study the inscriptions on the stone tablet.

  • "Find the caves behind the lantern."
  • "Find a cliff in the west."
  • "Find a Fishing Wharf"




Find the secret places of Pandang

You need to find three hidden places that are not visible on the map. When you get to these marked locations, you will enter secret areas where you need to "get off the map." 



The caves behind the lantern

They are located in the eastern part of the map, as indicated above. You will find a secret passage behind a stone lantern.



Cliff in the West

It can be situated on the incredibly bottom of your island, along which players will need to go further. At the bottom of the map, jump off the cliff to reach the wooden bridge/platform and continue straight ahead to reach the hidden location.



Fisherman's Wharf

It's situated inside the western aspect of the map, as indicated above. You will find a hidden path behind the dock that will lead to the third and final clue location, "past the dock." This will also complete the Pandang Secrets quest.



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