Make money in WildStar by Auction House And Commodity Exchange

wildstarmall Date: Jul/13/14 10:45:17 Views: 411

Money in WildStar is surprisingly easy and yet there are plenty of players on a daily basis asking on our livechat how to go about it. Firstly,we are not the richest player by any standards as Iwe know of several that have hundreds of Platinum thanks to early wealth acquisition through Architect crafting. That aside, we’ve still managed to make around 75 Platinum since launch which we’ve begun to lavish on the best Runes money can buy. Here’s my money making method on Auction House And Commodity Exchange.


wildstar auction house


The Auction House and Commodity Exchange functions like any other (such as the Auction House in World of Warcraft or Trading Post in Guild Wars 2) with the exception that Carbine have split its functionality. The Commodity Exchange allows for the creation of Buy Orders and Sell orders as well as Sell Now and Buy now. Alternatively, the Commodity Exchange only permits the purchase and sale of items for classes (armor and weapons) and housing. In terms of revenue potential, the Commodity Exchange is near limitless based on how much time you’re willing to invest.

There's several things to be aware of when tackling the Commodity Exchange. The first is that you should never use the Buy Now or Sell Now facilities. These two areas are where the Commodity Exchange power-players make their margins as they count on players selling their items cheaply (which they then sell on or use) or buying them at a higher price. You should only use Create Buy Order or Create Sell Order as this allows you to obtain items cheaper than their Buy Now/Sell Now price but your orders can take some time to fill. Fortunately the positives of saving money and earning more are worth the wait.

As far as using the Commodity Exchange is concerned, I’d recommend at a minimum you download the following two Addons. The first allows you to easily key in monetary values (the default WildStar UI for entering money is awful) and the second is an Addon which shows you the margins you can make on an item you’re viewing including multipliers depending on how many you buy. It really is a brilliant Addon that makes calculating potential profits incredibly easy.

Depending on what you buy and sell on (or just sell on from items you find or salvage) will be determined by your server. Certainly on Hazak the main things that are currently selling are high level Power Cores, Runes, some foods and AMPs. I’ve found that placing Buy Orders for a variety of these items (those with the highest margins in the highest quantities) has earned me a significant sum of money. I tend to max out my Buy Orders and wait 24 hours and if they all haven’t been fulfilled by then, I cancel what’s remaining and list what I’ve successfully purchased.

I really must stress that at times the Commodity Exchange can be a lot of trial and error. There’s a lot of undercutting that goes on (players selling or buying the same item as you a few silver below or above your price) and the 24 hour turn-around can slow things down. It’s also a bit of a guessing game at times as to how the market will react to what you’re listing. I had a spell where I made a fortunate from certain runes and then in a flash the market bottomed out and I’m now stuck with a sizable quantity I can’t yet shift. Evidently practice makes perfect.