Making WildStar Credits with useful skill

wildstarmall Date: Sep/10/14 11:23:32 Views: 375

Credits are an essencial component of WildStar.Havinf lots of credits allows you to buy the finest weapons, the most useful gear, and the fastest vehicles. Players also are always in need of as many credits they can lay their hands on as that you need them to purchase any new or upgraded abilities as you gain levels.Without having ready access to gobs of credits, you'll be questing on planets with shabby hand-me-down gear and antiquated weapons while traveling on foot to your destination while other players, loaded with credits. 

Facts are facts: every player needs lots of credits and there are multiple ways to get your grubby little mitts on them, such as daily quests.
1.Be aware of proximity tracking, if you use it
This one actually takes a while to get used to. Proximity tracking is kind of a double-edged sword - it prioritizes those quests closest to you, which can be bad if you're exploring or not paying attention. It adds a sense of "questing ADD" where it can be easy to find a random NPC out in the wild and end up doing their chain of quests rather than the ones you were just on. This often results in very suboptimal leveling, and you end up having to backtrack to mob up lower level quests that you missed.

2.Learn when to expect holocalls after you complete quests
Holocalls take some practice to get used to. They can sometimes seem completely random, but really they aren't. If you pay attention to what is happening within a specific quest chain, you can typically predict when you'll get a holocall. Otherwise, you can find yourself turning in quest just to realize there was another one right after, making you travel back to the area to kill the same mobs you've already slaughtered hundreds of.