More Details of Wildstar Different Roles

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Soldiers can make a lot of melee physical damage as well as damage skills. In addition, the energy consumed by the soldiers vocational skills divided into two types, namely: fuel cells and adrenaline.


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The fuel cell is a soldier hurt energy consumed skills, such as tear saws, jumping a hit and grenades, this energy can be certain frequency unlimited automatically restored.

Some soldiers in the use of the sword class skills can produce adrenal hormones, some skills will consume adrenal hormones, adrenal hormones will slowly run out of this after the disengagement.

Curse belong to remote radio career, his main weapon is two pistols perfusion by magic in their hands. The energy consumed by occupation are: charge and mystery.

Charge shot curse those who are using this energy accumulated in the energy tank more damage they have caused, the higher the value. It has two recovery mode, one is certain frequency unlimited automatic recovery, in addition, some skills make this energy recovery.

Mystery could make supplement for curse's magic skill. This energy is very rapid speed of recovery in the battle, which disappeared off the postwar speed is very slow.

Super powers attack very special skills that they use mainly rely on spiritual power of thought to attack the enemy.thus greatly enhancing the profession of playability.

Stalker belong melee, he can release complex and unstable nano toxins to make himself into a rage to weaken the enemy.

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