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NHL 18's Modifications: Defensive AI, For Goalies, Attribute Effects

NHL 18 will be one of the best NHL video games to date, so many features that need to be added to the game, fans will be looking for constant updates from U4GM, visit here. Like the previous release, will only be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With the demo, users will be able to try out three modes of play: the main league, the NHL THREES arcade mode and the Online game mode. 



There are NHL 18's Some Modifications


Defensive AI

The CPU and Human Defensive AI can be worked learning, short blocking frequency, tie up frequency and Board play frequency. 


For Goalies 

For the Goal keepers we can have attribute bonus, open shot bonus, breakaway slider, 5 hole, glovehand, butterfly, blocker and more. 


CPU And Human Features

The CPU and human features can be manipulated with much more exciting features to make it convenient for the players while dealing with AI. 


Attribute Effects

The game can have different attribute effects for sliders in respective categories or to put in simple words we can have two different categories and the attributes effects can be different for the offensive awareness and defensive awareness accordingly to the situation.


Other Small Modifications

There is a list of some small modifications that can be made into the game to make it more thrilling, engrossing and fascinating for the fans, let us specify those items like-Hustle effect 0-100, Stick Collision Detection 0-100, Shot Blocking 0-100 and more. 


NHL 18, its colorful arenas also make it a better eSports candidate than its peers, as they help to remove it a bit from the real-life sport. NHL 18 will be releasing on all the usual consoles on September 15th. Above mentioned Modifications may be feature's wishlists, however, this year's hockey video game is given higher expectation, players are always busy buying Cheap NHL 18 Coins from U4GM.