How the Mount customization works in WildStar

Mounts is important feature in every game, and that is the main reason why Carbine team has put a lot of effort to make this form of transportation fan and unique. WildStar will provide mounts (speeders) in a form of creatures and vehicles, which can be categorized as ground and flying mounts.

WildStar Guide:Fight strategy

Fight in WildStar is very dynamic and there is no time for standing and watching. I doesn't matter who you are in-game, you have to keep moving. The main ability to avoid attacks is "dodge", which can be used twice in short intervals.

WildStar Gold-Making Tricks

In the online game WildStar players use gold to purchase armor, weapons, consumable items, accessories and crafting supplies. Although players will accumulate some gold over the course of normal leveling and questing, some may wish to farm additional gold in order to purchase expensive high-end gear

The Comprehensive WildStar Primary Attributes Guide

Understanding the attributes in the game is an important part of your success. This guide will cover the Primary Attributes that aids in improving these attributes.

WildStar Guide:Rare Mobs in Malgrave

While adventuring through Southern Grimvault, players will come across 7 rare mobs. After defeating all rares, you will complete achievement “I like it rare: Malgrave” listed under Achievement ? Kill ? Malgrave.

WildStar Leveling Guide: Fast leveling up tips

Luckily, like with just about every RPG game, there is a way to grind your levels fast. It’s not the most fun thing in the world because you’ll have to sacrifice looking into the many different features and gameplay elements that come in the way

WildStar Tradeskill Guide

Tradeskills are WildStar's crafting professions. Each player can learn and level up two tradeskills at a time starting at level 10. There are five levels for each Tradeskill.

Wildstar Dungeons Guides

In Wildstar the first dungeon that you will be able to experience is at level 17 (that is when you can enter) but it will only appear in your dungeon list when you reach level 20.The first level 20 dungeon is called: Stormtalon’s Lair and it is located in an Exile zone called Galeras, south of the Thunder Call Village.

The guide to customize your island in WildStar

Every time you teleport to your house, you will get a small bar where you can choose various tools for customization. You must press the fifth button (look at the screenshot above) to enable editing. After pressing the first button, the property layout screen pops up

WildStar rare mobs available in Farside zone

While adventuring through Farside, players will come across 11 rare mobs. In the subzone Bio-Dome 3 you’ll find 4 rares, another four in the subzone Bio-Dome 4, and two rares on the main Farside map. The last one – Doctor Rotthrall is hidden in the subzone Derelict Silo E23.

Tips on Save WildStar Cash & Earn Cheap Mount

Mounts become available at Level 15. Vendors sell them for 11 Gold, which is a pretty steep price, but if you want upgrade at Level 25, you’ll need to purchase the next-best hoverboard for a painful 25 Gold.

WildStar News:WildStar’s first update Strain-more zone & monsters added

Get ready for WildStar’s first post-launch monthly update named Strain. This new update will bring hours and hours of content distributed through two new zones Blighthaven and Northern Wastes.
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