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WildStar is quite interesting MMORPG. Since it was launches over one months, the number of wildstar players is more than millions of all over the world. WildStar is the most successful game in 2014.

WildStar C.R.E.D.D is finally released

One of the huge features to Carbines business model for WildStar is CREDD, a currency very similar to PLEX in EVE. CREDD can be purchased with real life money and sold in game to a player for in game currency.

WildStar powerful addon:Ayth_Quest

Ayth_Quest,an addon created by Aytherine that helps you determine what quest/path/gathering objectives are the closest, so you can streamline your questing.The purpose of Ayth_Quest is to show you the closest objectives for your quests, quest givers, harvesting/farming nodes, and path objectives.

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WildStarMall: New Wildstar Dye Coming For Deluxe Edition

We've heard a few of you talking about the WildStar Gold /Green Eldan Dye that comes with the WildStar Deluxe Edition (and Deluxe Upgrade). To clear up confusion, it was always our intention to include a single dye in the Deluxe Edition, and the "Gold/Green" refers to the iridescent, color-shifting effect of the Eldan dye.

WildStar Tradeskills UI tabs detail introduction

Tradeskills UI consists of three tabs Schematics, Tech Tree and Talents. Default key for opening Crafting UI is (K).

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Basic Walkthrough to WildStar Warrior AMP

Upon achieving level six, the WildStar Warrior will earn one AMP point and gain access to the AMP (advanced modification protocol). This system gives the player greater flexibility in personalization of the Warrior by allowing players to choose additional power

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WildStar is coming. Lots of players highly praise the game. There are many fans of wildstar fans to look forward to experiencing the game soon. They think they can experience many new adventure in Nexus

WildStar Unique Raids makes disillusioned MMO fans believe in WildStar

WildStar makes no apologies for the difficulty of its raids. While there's a commitment to providing content everyone can enjoy, Frost acknowledges the importance of roping off certain sections that only the best of the best can tackle

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Guides to WildStar Gold - War of the Wilds

About this wildstar guide video, I figured I would share my teams strats on how to obtain Wildstar gold. I will also post videos on how to gain quick xp and possibly Wildstar gold guides for WildStar!
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