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Play the Auction House to earn wildstar gold

Wildstar actually has two kinds of auction houses. One covers items like armor, weapons, and decor items. While the other covers commodities and materials. Plus there is the market for buying and selling game time.


wildstar house

1.Buy low and sell high
The unique thing about the auction house system is that it doesn't tell you what everyone is selling an item for. I once purchased an item for 6 gold, then found out the next highest price was for 45 gold. It's a big risk, but can turn a profit.

2.Lowball the competition
This is a risk, but can pay off greatly. If you see an expensive item up for sale, post the same item up at a greatly reduced price. If you are lucky, someone could list the same item to undercut you. You can buy the item, cancel your auction, and list both at the higher price.

3.Buy an entire commodity
This will allow you to raise the price really high on the item, and people will buy it up if it's in demand. You may sink a lot of money in this, but could turn a tidy profit in return. I normally wouldn't recommend this, but the system is easy to manipulate in Wildstar.

4.Focus on the customization
One of the biggest money sinks in this game is how you can customize your house, your appearance, and even your mount. People will spend lots of money to get the best things for this. So focus on those categories if you want to make the most money.

5.Buy and sell CREDD
CREDD is the only legitimate way to spend real money on in game currency. If you plan to play for the long haul, you can buy and sell CREDD to earn money in game. This is risky, as the market can go high then bottom out. However, you could earn a lot of money in game or be able to pay for your subscription using CREDD.