Players to make the second choice in WildStar Game

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Mine safety, we is also a time to make the second choice in WildStar. One culprit has reset the security control turret - we need to take? A Aurin scientists have been busy invasion computer collecting materials, whether we should remove him? Some guards were hijacked in the yard - now is the time to save them? In order to explain these choices, Tobiasson provided us with some background.

"In WildStar, you can see three people leadership launched the violence, in order to complete the mission, we want to undermine their various plans, this will determine whether we are faced with the boss and the environment will face next."


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It's a small vote, but our choice is to protect the turret. Locking prisoners from here is very convenient and only guard contacted us, illustrates another question to us. A man named Jarak dangerous in Sigma Block making trouble, Rhadman hope we can solve this problem as soon as possible." May appear in one of the three boss here, this is the protagonist in the largest plan."

As the boss fight easily opening, burly Granok was badly hit. But as he reduced vitality, the prisoners began to offer pounds to him in droves. This makes little sense to help, but the quantity many, than we soon. Some of the prisoners with resonators to treat him in, hinder our efforts.

With Jarak defeated, we finally choose appeared. We can choose to protect the apron from attack, prevent other prisoners escape asteroids, also can choose to take back the star shield block Astrovoid in ruins. Because don't want to not to let anyone escape, we choose to travel to the apron. The move some stupid, has now become very dangerous to go out because, popular falling everywhere. To deal with the impact of the prisoners by contrast is a piece of cake, we solved them back to the door.