Questing Comparison of Wildstar and Other Games

wildstarmall Date: Oct/13/14 09:26:11 Views: 293

WildStar questing works much like other games, but players can usually claim their rewards and hand in their quest through phone. This is an very effective way, players can save a lot of time and go on questing and use WildStar platinum. Questing generally contains escorting, slaying, gathering, collecting, and gives the most of your exp that you will want for leveling. to take on a quest you just need to talk to an NPC. 


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After taking on the quests, they will display across the right side of your screen and could be deleted and tracked. It's recommend to level up with your friends to fasten your leveling speed and enjoy more fun. You can use WildStar Gold and also pick and finish all your quest at one time in a single zone.

Crafting is available at about lvl 10, you need to perform several quests to get started. There are a sum of new tradeskills as following: Tailor, Relic Hunter, Survivalist, Technologist, Armorer, Architect, Mining, Outfitter, and Weaponsmith. Once you hit lvl 6 you are able to get access Battlegrounds. By hitting the Battleground button you can enter them, you will find how long is left on your queue and when you can enter. After joining in you can make rewards like currency and Prestige from every match, you may also gain extra bonuses. You can buy WildStar platinum online, it's a fast method.