Single-player Dungeon & Zone will be added to WildStar next Patch

wildstarmall Date: Sep/03/14 11:53:43 Views: 342

Till now,the Wildstar have released for 3 moths .In addition to a ton of bug fixes, the next major content patch for WildStar is schedule to include a new single-player zone, the Defile, 5-man content, a 20-player public event and a brand new single-player dungeon. In a meeting with Stephan Frost at PAX Prime we learned most of the secrets regarding this upcoming content patch. Unfortunately it don’t have an ETA yet, as Frost said it’ll be ready when it’s ready.

In the 2014 PAX Prime, the related staff of Wildstar give away some important information which includes the new 5 players dungeon and 20 players raid. The most important news is that there is a new single-player dungeon and single-player zone.

The single-player dungeon means solo, which would change the situation that you can’t survive without team. In a sense, the new dungeon would attack some AFK player back to the game. While, we still have no idea about the difficult level of the single dungeon. As for my personal view, i hope the ordinary players can finish the challenge by themselves effort.

Finally, WildStar’s first single-player dungeon has been announced and is the first area that is completely voiced over. The Omnicore runs parallel to Datascape and allows more casual players to see more of the game’s content without dumbing down actual raid difficulty. Just like every other dungeon, there are bronze, silver, and gold rewards that are about on par with veteran dungeon rewards.

As the dungeon progresses, players can see NPCs raiding the Datascape and even interact with them. Eventually it’s the player’s duty to flip the killswitch on Avatus, once the raiders have taken him down. There are also multiple pathways that either focus more on puzzles or combat, so there’s something for everyone. Finally, at the end of the dungeon we will finally understand the secrets of Nexus.Now, let’s expecting the next patch!