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Six New Acts Have Been Added Making POE Feel A Lot More Complete

Path of Exile is a well-known gameplay, with this new expansion for Path of Exile, six new acts have been added making the game and the story both feel a lot more complete. The game currently is divided into two parts. Part one is the same four acts we already know, plus a new fifth act. Part two of the story is acts six through ten, which returns us to the same world as before, but with a different story and objective to complete. You can read the latest news about POE and more guides here, see more at here



One of the biggest issues that plagued this game since release was its lacking amount of content. You were always forced to go through the same content a grand total of three times before you got to the final part of the game that can be considered the endgame. But with the addition of six new acts, you don't have to torture the old hoop any longer, and finally get a fuller experience completing the story line of Path of Exile.


The game always has a lot of depth, since it gives the player the choice to make his build as unique as he possibly wants with the Skill tree, but the playing field was always the same old basketball field you grew up at, and a hoop that has seen better days. Once you are done with each Act of the Story you will come to the end game of Path of Exile. Poe currency system is a game feathure in the game Path of exile, it is composed of many different kinds of poe orbs. In order to save your money, where to buy PoE currency, safe and convenience? 


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