The Review of the WildStar 3 month release on housing ,PVP, PVE and Raids

wildstarmall Date: Sep/01/14 11:26:44 Views: 346

WildStar has been released for 2 months and we are here today to review some hot topic in WildStar.
WildStar Housing
It is actually a quite satisfactory design in WildStar. We can craft our furniture, find a place, and decorate it. We have already witness many great house deign in WS, some of them are floating in the air, some of them are hiding in the woods, and some of them look like something odd you may never imagine that can be a house. But indeed, we players enjoy it.




WildStar PVP
PVP maps are no that satisfactory before the update Sabotage as the various balance and gear problems. But it seems that a situation has become better now since the 15 vs 15 players comes out. Actually, we used to have a high expectation to WS PVP as there are many choices and rewards there.

WildStar PVE
WildStar PVE turns to be amazing and it is actually beyond our expectations. The view, quests and map in PVE are beautiful and interesting. We can farm WildStar gold and craft our items along the way or during our quests. And the rewards in PVE is also charming. If you love to explore WildStar in your own path, you will love it.

WildStar Raids
The 40 men raids has been a hot topic since its open beta, but in fact, it seems that nobody has complete this raid ever all over the word. And the 20 men raids seems to be more popular among players. The reasons behind it may be that it is not easy to summon 40 men in a raid or the 40 men raid is too difficult to conquer. Anyhow, we are looking forward to witness the achievement in 40 men raid.

WildStar Dungeons are also favored by most of the players but still there are some players don’t like it and the popular dungeons are limited. Some difficult dungeons such as Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden are not that popular among players, but it is still a good way to fast leveling up. As for the way to farm gold in WildStar, you can always create your own path.Best Wishes to you all !