Tips to Get Elder Gem for WildStar Update

wildstarmall Date: Aug/15/14 11:00:23 Views: 420

In the Wildstar, when you are arrived at 50 level that you can acquire the Elder Gem. What is Elder Gem on earth? What is it function? In the main city, there is a GEM Vendor, you can exchange various Wildstar Items here. Elder Gems can be spent on many diverse types of goods. Detailed information as follow:

wildstar elder gem

1. To exchange purple suit
Do you envy the player who arm with purple suit? When you have enough Elder Gem, you can visit the red circle place to exchange for it, even though you are the casual player.
2. To exchange AMPs Point
If you want more AMPs point, you still can come here trade with vendor.

How can we get Elder Gem in Wildstar?
The way to acquire the Wildstar Elder Gem is easy. When you are at Level 50, there is a new Elder level. Each level up you can get a Gem, and each week you can get up to 140 Gems.The another way to get Gem is that when you have Boombox, you may get a Elder Gemstone. Each time you use this item, you can get 1 Elder Gem.All in all, Elder Gems are the very important currency for WildStar. To enter into 20 vs 20 raid, you nee Elder Gem to exchange the key. If you are interested it, you would better to get all Elder Gem every week.

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