What to do to Get the Free Retroblade Mount

wildstarmall Date: Jul/12/14 10:43:48 Views: 433

Have you ever get hacked in wildstar? Do you afraid to be hacked when you have a lot of wildstar platinum and live a good life in wildstar? Once your account gets hacked, your wildstar gold, your housing décor, even your gear and weapons will not return. Obviously nobody wants to take this kind of risk with their lovely account. So Carbine wants to help you out from this danger with the 2-Step Verification.


ws-Retroblade Mount

What is wildstar 2-Step Verification?
I believe that the 2-Step Verification is not strange to wildstar players. It will protect your account with your password and phone. If you wanna enter your account, the first thing you need to do is enter your password and then verification code from your phone. Then an extra level of security is added to your account with 2-Step Verification.

Whoever use 2-Step Verification can get the free Retroblade Mount.
From now on, every account with 2-Step Verification can get a free Retroblade Mount. What’s more, you can still get your usual incentive like a 2% experience boost, cosmetic item and so on. If you already enrolled in 2-Step Verification, you will automatically receive the Retroblade Mount in your Account Inventory by Jul 10. As for why Carbine would like to do this, maybe because the company doesn't want to spend more menpower and money to fix hacked accounts.

Why there are still some players who doesn’t want to use 2-Step Verification
According to some players, the steps to enter wildstar is so complex, they don’t want to spend their game time to the extra process. Besides, having to enter it every time is just bother the players very much. So they hope Carbine can improve the 2-Step Verification so that the information or IP adress can be remembered in the computer or something like that.

Anyway, it’s a free solution that benefits both the user and the provider of the service. You can protect your account from hacker’s attack while get the free gift.. It’s a win-win situation. All you will need is a smartphone, a little time and patience to log in. Then you can have a safe and clean environment to play.