What to do to try and get more WildStar gold

wildstarmall Date: Jul/18/14 11:27:50 Views: 246

When you sell C.R.E.D.D in C.R.E.D.D Exchange,If you disagree with the current sell price, you can name your price by manually entering your preferred price under the “Sell C.R.E.D.D. Now” button. Using this option will allow you to enter your preferred price. Your market listing will stay up for 48 hours. If it does not sell during that time, the listing will expire and you will need to try and sell it again.

1.Enter your preferred price using your keyboard.


2.The button under the price will light up. Click the Sell Order (48h) button.


3.You will receive a message requesting that you confirm. Review the information and hit the Confirm button. (You will need to hover over the button until it is fully lit up.)

c.r.e.d.d exchange

Your listing is now up on the C.R.E.D.D. Exchange.