Widlstar Exchange Guide: Gold to CREDD

wildstarmall Date: Sep/19/14 11:43:47 Views: 374

As for my personal experience, the CREDD is a good existence in Wildstar. Basically, my monthly consumption i can exchange through this system. We all know, the exchange rate is floating and different server has different rate. Now, in the Prego server, the exchange rate is 460 wildstar gold.


wildstar CREDD


There are two methods you can buy CREDD. 1, To purchase directly, 2.To post purchase order, for example, the current price is 460 gold, then you can input 420 gold as below. If someone sell out at this price within 48 hours, you can get CREDD what you want. In this system,if you want to sell CREDD which you just bought, Of course, the price differential aims to prevent the reselling merchant break the balance of game.

Well, only to buy CREDD is not finished yet, you need exchange to increase your online game. So how to exchange?

You can find the CREDD in your Account Inventory, choose it and click the Redeem. Then, you have finished the exchange. After that, you can check your online game time through website account system.

Now, i have to remind everyone,the CREDD has limited time. The official has been announced if your account overdue 3 months, then your CREDD would overdue and can’t use anymore. Please share this news with your friend, thanks.