WildStar Adventure Guides: A new experience

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At that time, I thought we were finished, but there is an ultimate boss to defeat in WildStar. Professor crazy Goldbough brewing an escape plan, now he is ready to take action. Asteroids suddenly lost momentum, which means that gravity will disappear. With the Nexus of prison drop, cryopods is used in the professor's plan to try to escape.

Because don't want to face the interstellar massacre, we can only move forward toward her robot, as far as possible into the escape pod. After all this done, we at the end of the task is Aurin scientists into fertilizer and for reward.


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When it comes to reward, whether the WildStar player to make specific choice to continue to the next adventure? Tobiasson doesn't think so. "The way we fight is to let you get all sorts of awards, these rewards based on your choices and challenges. In the process you will find that although all happened very quickly, but the rewards to try different options are not the same."

Adventure begins 15 levels, coupled with the more traditional underground city, we can get a whole new every five levels of experience. Even we are likely to enter senior role, because they will at the appropriate level to get to know. From my play Stormtalon 's Lair dungeons, it is common to fall in love into a more random and chaotic. Although there is also a boss, but no gorgeous luxury experience, although this may be our specific risk.

Instead, the focus is on random - were placed in a certain situation and respond according to the situation. In addition, if the boss they meet due to the random selection is relatively simple, so why is there a special skills, given the three-phase fight?

Difficulty there, Our media group control are not familiar with professional hard go forward, so I don't expect the zerg to blindly forward. Organized team more efficient, but also not easy. I'm still looking forward to the mature dungeons more challenging, but these are in order to let us prepare for the game end. The WildStar game also prepared some patterns for the old players to explore and a copy of the brush, they will be punished.