Wildstar Architect Leveling Guide

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Architect in Wildstar relies on every other gathering profession, however the two that stand out are Survivalist and Mining. Survivalist seems to be the most important but if you do choose Mining you can buy the materials from the Commodities Vendor.

Novice Architect
1. First you are given a single quest by the profession trainer to build Crude Fencing. The crafting trainer also gives you some materials to get you started. From there, step to the crafting station and load the interface.


2. Pick up your first three quests from the Work Order Board.
3. Now we have to determine any prerequisites. You may not have the recipes to complete the quest. This is easily found out by clicking on the Quest's description. In this case clicking on "Obtain Bramble Bushes" opens up the 2nd tab in the Tradeskills window. It shows a picture like this:


Here is the shortened version:

wildstar material

Apprentice Architect
The next stop is Thayd or Illium to gather your next quests. It follows the same general algorithm where we prioritize discoveries and quests over just crafting in bulk.

Apprentice Architect-ws

Journeyman Architect

Journeyman Architect-ws

Artisan Architect

Artisan Architect-ws