WildStar Currency Strategy Guide

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In WildStar there are several different kinds of coins, which you can use to pay for equipment, mounts or house adornments with.

Coins:Coins are the basic currency in the game. You can use them to buy items from the majority of merchants and in the auction house. They have been divided into platinum (p), gold(g), silver(s) and copper(c).
100g = 1p
100s = 1g
100c = 1s


wildstar currency


Coins are dropped by the monsters that you defeat, they are rewards for quests, for adventures or battlegrounds. The fastest way to obtain coins is to find and sell items to vendors. Some of the items can be sold for more than two gold coins.

Renown:Renown is the currency that you receive for completing all of the activities in the group. These include: completing party quests, killing monsters together, mentoring (lowering of your own level, to be able to join the party of friends of a lower level) or completing of adventures and dungeons. In general, it is the money that you receive for completing PvE quests, with your group. For renown, you can buy mounts, bags with supplies, adornments or even the fabkit that gives you the portal to dungeons!

Places, where you can spend Renown:Renown Vendor - He is standing close to the guild bank in the capital city.Housing Vendor - On your plot.

Prestige:A complete opposite of the Renown. You receive it for PvP fighting on arenas., Battlegrounds and Warplots. You need to remember that the maximum number of Prestige points that you can hold is five thousand. Therefore, you need to enter the vendor's in the capital city and buy something there. It is a good idea to buy the blue items for level fifty, if you are planning on playing PvP later on. If you need gold, on the other hand, you can buy the item called "Pet Crypt". It costs 100 prestige, and you can sell it for 45 silver, thanks to which you receive, almost, a gold coin, for two such items.

The places to spend Prestige:Battle and Quartermaster Vendor - there are four in the capital city, next to each other.

Elder Gems:Elder Gems are the currency that you obtain, after you reach level fifty. It is then that the experience bar turns into the EP bar. After you reach 100%, you receive Elder Gems, which you can then spend, in the capital city, on interesting items. For example, you can buy AMP or Ability points.

The places to spend Elder Gems:Elder gems Vendor - in the capital city.

Crafting Vouchers:These are coins that you obtain for performing Crafting works. You can spend them on new Crafting recipes and material packs. You can also spend them on resetting the crafting talent tree. You can receive them for completing the quests from the board, which is usually located at the crafting table. Such quests reset every 24 hours.

The places to spend Crafting Vouchers:One of the "Trade Skill Vendors" - the capital city, near the quest board.