WildStar Dungeon Strategies Guides: Ruins of Kel Voreth (level 20)

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WildStar Dungeon Ruins of Kel Voreth Map Location: Auroria

WildStar level 20 Dungeon: Ruins of Kel Voreth

Ruins of Kel Voreth { Dominon,Level 20, 3 Boss, About 30 minutes to finish }

You would run across the first Boss shortly after you have begin the dungeon. Slay the three Elites before the Boss comes out.

Pay attention to the position of the Elites. It is easy to kill the left one and the right one. Do not attract the middle Magic Elite. Watch out the Traps as well. Traps would stun you within certain time. Kill the three Elites and the Boss are coming.

Despite KV is a level 20 dungeon, you can actually go to the dungeon when you reach level 17. It would be a little difficulty for you to complete the dungeon with low level as 17. It would be recommended to go into the dungeon on level 20.


Ruins of Kel Voreth Boss 1: Grond the Corpsenmaker - a variation violent boar

Bite: cause extremely high frontal damage. Except Tank, no other classes should stay in that area

Kicks: Hind legs hurt the enemy of the rear. This is not a big threat. DPS can attack on both sides of the boss.

Frenzy: In the center of themselves, Boss would hit the ground using the hind legs. Numerous stone would come out of the ground. Enemy hit by the stone would hurt and be pushed. This skill would last for the circle complete. You can avoid it by rolling opposite of the skills. Note that rolling immediately at the same direction of the skill to avoid attack again.

Grond the Corpsenmaker

Adds: Boss would summon a lot of adds. DPS should focus on the Add to make sure that Tank and Healer are safe.

Tips: Tank gets enough Aggro to maintain the position of the boss. This would make other classes safe. Please avoid AOE skills.


Ruins of Kel Voreth Boss 2: Slavemaster Drokk

slavemaster drokk

There are three phases of this Boss. At the 1/3 health, the Boss would go back to the protection wall and then release many suicide robots. There are two strategies:

1. Kill one of them to make a certain safe zone

2. Jump to the wall as below. Take advantage of the height to avoid the attack.


Boss would come back after the robots suicide. Every player would be chained. Make sure to break the chain immediately. DPS should hep Tank and Healer to break the trap set after they have done theirs as the damage of the Tank and Healer are low.


In this period, Boss would give Damage wave from center to the around. When you find red circle sign under your feet or front, roll back to the boss to avoid. There would be a gap after every circle damage. Stand in between to avoid the damage.



The Boss would come back to the protection wall at 60% health again. At the door, there would appear many robot which do not attack. Players with mark on head should run to the door. There would be count down time for the mark. Attack the robots and roll back at the last second. Boss would come back after the bomb. This bomb is devastating, you would be certainly dead if you do not avoid it. Boss would repeat the skills and take reasonable positions.


Ruins of Kel Voreth Boss 3: Forgemaster Trogun 

Forgemaster Trogun

This boss has been designed to the perfect. The attack methods are special as well. When we get close to the Boss, it would release lasting AOE skills. All we have to do is stay far to attack and avoid. Boss would come down from the stage. Everyone should watch out the fire ball from above. The Fire Ball would be there all through the battle. Watch your position. Apart from all these, Boss would call out Energy Ball once for a while. Do not allow the Boss to get too many Energy Balls. It would cause huge damage then. Maintain five angles formation. When you find the Energy ball in your direction, clear it by yourself.

wildstar fire ball

When the boss at the health of 50%, it would run to the starting point and release fire balls full of screen.

Stay away from the Boss. The room you have is very limited close to the Boss. After this wave, remain the five angles formation.

These are all the things you should pay attention to. There is a larger chance for the last Boss to drop purple items.