WildStar Generous Donor Achievement – Thayd Museum

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Generous Donor Achievement is unlocked when you gather eight (8) relics found throughout Nexus. This guide describes locations of Exile relics. Finding one of these relics gives you a quest that sends you to the Museum in Thayd. This is where you are supposed to leave these relics for safekeeping. Completing all these quests gives you 10 achievement points and title: Philanthropist.


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Dorian Walker’s Museum is found in southeast Thayd. This area is called Walker’s Bluff. You can reach it via two ascending paths found north and west of Walker’s Bluff. Huge spaceship found at this location represents the Thayd Museum. Use the lift at the bottom of the spaceship’s left wing in order to enter the Museum.In the table bellow you can find artifact names, locations and in-game information about their history. Wildstar once again surprises its players with hidden gems and rewards exploration off the beaten path in the best fashion possible.

Loftite Crystal Skull(Northern Algoroc, northern Coldwater Gulch area):This small crystal skull seems to have been carved from a single crystal of pure loftite. Found among the Skeech in Algoroc, it is rumored to have strange powers.



Eldan Prismatic Lens(Southeastern Celestion, close to the world boss Grendelus the Guardian, 20+): A focusing lens for an Eldan superweapon. Uniquely crafted with metamaterials to go beyond the diffraction limit with the least amount of imperfections seen so far.



Talon of Osiric(Northeastern Galeras, Temple of Osiric area):This weapon is said to have been give to the bird-men of Nexus by their god as a token of the covenant between them. It appears to have been carved from the mighty avian beast’s own talons and wielded in battle by the Brides of Osiric.



The Eye of Hydris(Southwestern Whitevale, Doomtide Village area):A relic of great importance to the Water Pell. This appears to be a large, simple gem, but shows evidence it once was a source of primal energy for unknown Eldan technology.


Genesis Prime Figurine(Found inside Outer Core Chamber – Floor 4. This floor is well hidden inside Phagelabs. Follow the path shown in the quest in order to reach it.):Genesis Prime Figurine was made by Drusera soon after she was created. According to Eldan records near where the object was found, she manifested the object using only the power of her mind.

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