WildStar Guide to Solve PVP Gear Problems

wildstarmall Date: Aug/02/14 11:37:46 Views: 309

WildStar PVP is quite attractive actually, but we have to say it is actually not easy to win even if we have many WildStar Gold. And the Gear Problems in PVP is really trouble, we are here today to discuss it and offer you some possible solutions to this problem, may it help you enjoy the game better.



Gear Problem Situation
Many players have complained about the balance of PVP. One player once post at Reddit to show the different stats of his gears in PVP, and he thought it is a bug. Also, there are some attribute with confusions, such as this one “higher PVP defense%”, it seems pretty helpful at first sight, but it actual means the damage taken from players with no PVP damage, which is really annoying sometimes. And many players find that some attributes in AMPS are not helpful at all for WildStar PVP. Ok, back to the topic, gear.

1800 rated gear is vastly superior to non-rated blues. It means that players with non-rated gears have little chance to win in PVP. Warriors and Engineers have lower scaling for assault power (in other words, they gain more damage per point of AP).

Possible Solutions
When we are saying possible solutions, it means that there is certainly some good news here. First of all, it is the new PVP map Sabotage released yesterday. We can’t know much about if it can make players feel better in PVP as it is still new and we don’t have data to show if it is the right one. But still, there are chances as NC Soft always want us a better experience in the game. And from the patch note, we know that the rating requirement for gear has been decreased. So that means that you will be able to make gear progress more often if you win. The second change in Sabotage is that it will help facilitate wins, we believe the rating formula has been changed in Drop 2 so it is lost slower than it is gained. Also, there are also changes in the way PVP gear stats are scaling in the Sabotage.

So, we need to believe that, yes, there is problems, but Carbine is always doing it best to bring us a better game. Best wishes.