WildStar Improvements to Acquiring Runes and Runecrafting

wildstarmall Date: Aug/27/14 11:50:27 Views: 433

In addition to all the other systemic changes we are making directly to the Rune system, we've also worked on making some quality of life improvements all around. The following will also release with the rest of the Rune changes already discussed.


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1) All non-Set rune recipes have had their basic Rune Fragment material costs reduced by 1.
2) Salvaging has seen a complete overhaul. The existing Salvaging loot tables were not very clear or organized, which caused salvaging to be extremely hit or miss depending on the item type, level, and quality. We want the choice between selling an item and salvaging it to be that, a choice. In order to get there, the changes we have made should increase the value of salvaging, especially items of Excellent (blue) quality and higher.

We (and by 'we' I mean my team member, Marc Chang) have expanded the Salvaging tables to include new items and certain items in higher quantities than before. Junk and basic crafting materials should remain about the same. However, you should see more Rune materials (both Fragments and Elemental Signs) and Power Cores. We've also added the chance to get a full completed Rune from salvaging (both Basic Runes and Set Runes).

We've changed the way Salvaging items of higher quality works. Currently, the higher the quality, the higher the chance for the salvage action to crit and give you better rewards. With the changes we are making, the crit chance is being reduced but you will get multiple rolls against the table (with each roll having a chance to crit individually). The number of rolls is as follows:
White/Green - 1 roll
Blue - 2 rolls
Purple - 3 rolls
Orange - 5 rolls
Pink - 8 rolls

With the combination of Weakened Runes for leveling gear, the ability to reroll Element types, the ability to add additional Rune slots to gear, the standardization of Rune Slot counts, the increased availability of stats and Rune Sets across more Element types, reduced costs of basic Runes, and the increase of both Rune materials and completed Runes from salvaging, we are aiming to make the Rune system a more integral part of your play experience from level 15 to end-game.