WildStar Leveling Guide: Which one do you think is the best one?

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Wildstar is always a hot topic between gamers. The talk about wildstar gold farming, wildstar online, wildstar power leveling and so one. Today we will give you some wildstar leveling guide. You can vote and let me know which one is your favorite.


wildstar leveling


1. Start from new player quests; complete all the excalmatory mark in the ground. It seems a little boring at first sight, but actually, it is the common way for most of the players as we sometimes have such thought that it is necessary to complete all the quests and don’t miss any of the story in WildStar. Are you one of them?

2. Try to find the bug and buff that benefit our WildStar Leveing. It sounds a little aggressive to some players. But actually, it is really efficient if chances come to us. Imagine this, if you can get a buff, you may enjoy a much faster leveling up than others. Thought the time is limited, we still love it.

3. Find a teammate whose level is higher than you before level 30, and the suggested map is landing farside. You can gain thousands of experiences by simply hitting the robot. And with a teammate in higher level, the death rate can be lowered.

4. Use the WildStar Leveling Dungeons for fast power leveling. We have detailed discuss about this in our former news, you can check it if you need.

Have you ever used the above wildstar leveling guides? Which one do you think is the best one?

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