WildStar PVP Map Analysis: Capture the Flag in Walatiki Temple

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WildStar PVP is quite outstanding among various MMORPG games, we are here today to discuss the Battleground PVP, Capture the Flag in Walatiki Temple. Wish our analysis today can help you enjoy the game much better.

Goal: first to reach 5 captured masks wins.
Walatiki Temple is a map based on strategy. No matter how high your DPS is, you should have a plan to guarantee the success of your team. Notice the goal is to find the masks, if you can’t achieve it, you will be defeated even if you have the DPS as high as 300k. it is quite common to see the powerful part to lose.


wildstar pvp map


Locations of masks
There are all four places, one is under the bridge, and the remaining three places are in the square under the bright. They will be shown up with time, and the locations are random as well. Notice that we need to spend a few seconds to pick up the mask, and if you are attacked during the attack. When you are holding the mask, your movement speed will be decreased and you can’t use rolling over. If you use the displacement skills when you are holding the mask, it will dropped on the ground immediately. When you take the mask home, the number of the masks in your part will be increased by one, and if you get five in advance, you are the winner.

Steal the mask: If you think it is too boring to find the mask in the map, you can choose to steal them from your opponent. If you succeed in stealing the mask and carry it to your home, you can reduce one mask of your opponent and add one mask of your team as well. So, it is also important to defence your home in the fight. Each team will have a mask hanger, come near to it and touch the mask, it can be stolen. But make sure you are touching the right hanger; there are some new players touch their own mask and wonder why it is still there. Really cute. The rules in stealing the mask are similar as finding the mask. Notice that you need time to steal the mask and you will be interrupt when attacked. You need to wear the mask home if you steal it successfully. You can just steal one mask in one time. if you are killed in your way home, the mask will be dropped on the ground, and if the mask is still on the ground for a few second without picking up, it will be send to the original home.

Map details. When you steal the mask, you can choose to enter in the gate or in the sideway. So when you receive the message that the mask is stolen, you should check out the gate first and then check the sideway if you don’t see any opponent at the gate. Also, when your team is stealing the mask, you should know where to support your teammate. There will be accelerate buff in the sideway, you can run the yellow imaginary line in the map quickly when you get it, and it will help you take the mask home. So when you see someone steal the mask and want to back in the sideway, you should eat the buff first. Also, when you support your teammate to steal the mask, you should leave the buff to the one who is carrying the mask.


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And these are all our analysis today, it is said that there will be new map in level 16. This map will be still available, but your teammates will be started in level 16. So, are you ready to capture the flag in Map Walatiki Temple?