Wildstar Raiding Guide to Kill Kuralak the Defiler in Genetic Archives

wildstarmall Date: Aug/18/14 13:48:29 Views: 375

Here is the guide for killing the boss named Kuralak the Defiler in Fenetic Archives. There are a total of 20 players in the fighting. As you can see in the video, the group consists of 2 tanks, 3 healers and 15 DPS builds. Therefore, DPS build plays a quite important role in the killing of Kuralak the Defiler.




Compared to the Kuralak the Defiler in the beta, when it comes into the mechanism, the boss are added more health and more damage in the fighting. Therefore, in a group, enough DPS builds are quite important. Besides, if you make too many mistakes in the fighting, you will be dead definitely. Therefore, you may see that in the fighting, 15 DPS builds .Besides, you also can not have too many Armor Shreds and Power Links going out on the raid.

Here I want to give you a few tips on how to win in Kill Kuralak the Defiler.
1. As long as eggs occur once, then they will show again. Of course, if you mess up the egg phase. It means that you will wipe the raid.
2. The telegraphs will spread here and there. How to avoid them is a key point to win the fighting. In fact, the damage can be avoided effectively through kiting. As long as you keep moving in a circle slowly, you will almost not die or be attacked by the boss.
3.Before, we have said that the dps builds play a quite important role in the boss fighting. Pull more dps builds into fighting and strengthen them. If you buy wildstar gold to level up your equipment, things will get better.
4. Only have 2 teleport phases will simplify the fight a lot.