WildStar Tips and Tricks for Walatiki Temple

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Walatiki Temple is a 10 v 10 battleground available at level 6. It's easy to learn and fun to play. Even if you don't normally play BG's, try it out -- the rewards can be sweet! I've acquired some nice gear pieces when leveling up, and once received two housing FABkits in one PVP reward bag. Even the losing team earns XP, Prestige (the PVP currency) and a loot bag. But of course, the winning team's spoils are ever that much sweeter.

To win, all your team needs to do is gather five moodie masks. It's that simple! Ah, but accumulating those masks with a non-premade, random group of players can indeed be challenging. This article's aim is to help make your non-premade, random Walatiki Temple matches come out on the winning side more often than not.

Each faction starts the match with a mask, and masks can be stolen from the opposing faction. In addition, a random mask will spawn every few minutes in one of four random locations: 1) upper middle, 2) lower middle, 3) lower right, or 4) lower left. There are power and speed buffs sprinkled throughout the map, but unless you're already near one, I've found that it's a waste of time to travel off the beaten path to grab a buff.


While premade teams have a huge advantage through communication and experience, there certainly are effective strategies for non-premades that substantially increase the odds of winning. These tips are based on my experiences in many non-premade, non-rated matches playing several classes and specs, heals and DPS. They don't always work, and I'm sure there are other strategies that may be better, but I offer these as ones I've seen help lead to a good amount of wins. To the tips!

1.Communication before the match starts is advantageous.
The best time for communicating with the team and formulating basic opening strategies is during the minute before the match starts. That's not a lot of time, but you'd be surprised how much can be said during that minute. The match is often won at the beginning, so while the bulk of the match will be dynamic and the team will need to organically respond to what's happening without a lot of communication, the opening moments often swing the ultimate outcome of the match one way or the other

2.Try to steal right off the bat.
If your team can have two players, or even three, devoted to trying to steal a mask from the opposing faction at the beginning, the chances of success go up. Whether you are stealing or going for the spawned mask, when the match starts pop a Movement Stimulant

3.Defend Defend Defend.
In the opening communication before the match, I will sometimes offer to help defend, and enlist another person to join me. Or when healing I will suggest that a couple DPS stay back to defend. Foiling an opening attack on the home moodie mask, especially if your team can steal the opponent's mask, puts you up 2 - 0. There's nothing worse than fighting at a spawned mask only to hear "The Dominion (or Exiles as the case may be) has stolen a moodie mask!" The team that worries about defense is often the team that wins. Heck, it worked for the Seahawk

4.Don't be a singleton.
Be part of a group defending, stealing or going after a mask. Do not run around aimlessly killing enemies because pew-pew is fun. Winning an irrelevant duel in a tunnel isn't helping your team snag a mask. If you run into a player who just wants to fight you to fight you, chances are their team is ahead and trying to distract yours from staging a comeback. Stun that player and take off to a relevant location as fast as you can!

5.Get some PVP gear!
In addition to coin, loot and buffs, BG's earn you Prestige. It does not take long to earn enough Prestige to start grabbing some PVP gear with PVP offense and PVP defense stats. To see your total Prestige, open up Inventory and click the little wrench in the upper right hand corner:

 wildstar pvp gear

PVP Gear can be purchased from vendors in the capital cities to a max of 5,000. In Thayd, the PVP vendors are located here:


PVP Vendors in Illium are located in the lower right zone of the city:

wildstar pvp