WildStar Tradeskill Guide

wildstarmall Date: Jun/25/14 11:15:52 Views: 434

Tradeskills are WildStar's crafting professions. Each player can learn and level up two tradeskills at a time starting at level 10. There are five levels for each Tradeskill.


ws trade skill

You can swap tradeskills at any time for a fee, and the nice thing is you won't lose any progress in the skill you leave behind. Instead, it's simply unusable until you reactivate it. The more you craft, the more possibilities you can discover in terms of recipes and specializations.

The tradeskills in WildStar are split in to two types: Gathering and Crafting. The materials found via Gathering tradeskills are used in Crafting tradeskills to create items.
Mining: Excavates precious ore, crystals, and gems. Used best with Weaponsmiths, Armorers, and Architects.

Relic Hunter: Excavates omni-plasm and Eldan relics from relic nodes. Used best with Technologists and Weaponsmiths.

Survivalist: Skins leather and chops meat from creatures, and harvests wood from trees. Used best with Outfitters and Architects.

Architect: Creates FABkit decor items for housing and war plots. Used best with Survivalists and Miners.

Armorer: Creates heavy armor and shields. Used best with Mining.

Outfitter: Creates leather and other medium armor using pelts and bones. Used best with Survivalists.

Tailor: Creates light armor. There's no suggested pairing for Tailors, so choose what you feel works best.

Weaponsmith: Creates weapons and weapon attachments. Used best with Mining.