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WildStar Tradeskills Guides: Cooking,Mining Ore Farming

wildstar Tradeskills are useful , and can help us to quickly enhance the role of property , equipment, property and fighting properties , and increase game fun , very interesting. 

WildStar Mining Ore Farming Introduction and Guides

When you reach level 10, you can go to the village and find merchants to lear these skills. Then choose mining, and click "Learn". After a small conversation, you would get the simple mining tools.

wildstar mining

Equip the mining tool which can be found in your pack. And now you have the mining abilities.

wildstar learn mining

After you completed the system quest, you can get a Tool-Mining. Of course, you can buy it from the store.

wildstar mining tools

While, the price for the player at 10 lvl is a little expensive, so get the present and start to mine.

Now, let’s do it! In the wild and dungeon, there would appear the icons like this in the picture. You can click right key to mine. If you did not equip with tool-mining, you can use skill to attack ore and collect the materials. But the premise is that you have to learn the skills of mining

The ore has 5 different levels, for example, if you required Mining 1 level that you can get lvl 1 Ore. You can check your ming experience through key “T”

The most interesting thing in Wild Star is that Ore can attack you sometimes. While, you can get more awards when Ore recover. In addition that you may encounter the Mines in the wild, there will be countless ore lets you collected within 2 minutes!


WildStar Cooking System Detailed Introduction

In the WildStar, there are various food, which are used to recover life blood and add different buffs to increase your ability. While, how could we get the recipes? There are three methods you can chose: 1. Purchasing from Vendor 2. Drops from monster 3. DIY cooking .

If you want to cooking, you should learn cooking skill first. We have to make the cooking of Tough Jerky’s variants Spicy Jerky for example.

wildstar schematics

The Red Circle 1 illustrates the original ability of Tough Jerkey

The Red Circle 2 illustrates the required materials, you shouldn’t add any additives to complete it.

The Red Circle 3 illustrates the variants of Tough Jerkey, which is the advanced food Spicy Jerky. Sweet Jerky is unlock untill you get the appointed recipes.

Next, we click the Load Schematic to cook.

wildstar cooking panel

From the crafting panel, we can find that all food have sweet, sours, spicy, savory four flavors. You can add three additives to your food, during the process, you should click light the food what you want so that it would take effect. For example, to put Spicy+Savory materials’1 Pinch of black Pepper on the position of Number “1”, the second time to use Black pepper that click light Spicy Jerky, it is so lucky! In the end, we can click Craft to cook Spicy Jerky.

The fan area of picture means the recipes still unlock and you can’t cook it. Any problems you can put it forward and tell us, we are glad to make the WildStar Platinum as your gift! Thank you!