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WildStar Tradeskills UI tabs detail introduction

Tradeskills UI consists of three tabs Schematics, Tech Tree and Talents. Default key for opening Crafting UI is (K).

Schematics :You can find all your crafting skill recipes (cooking ones too) here. Select a crafting skill on the left side of the screen and it will list recipes divided into categories. You have two filters above the list – “Show locked” where you can see recipes you don’t know yet, and “have materials” to list only recipes for which you have materials to craft. Selecting a recipe will display materials required and possible variants of that recipe.



Tech Tree :Crafting skill related achievements are located here. Most of them unlock recipes when you complete them, and some even give talent points. Click on the blue bordered Tech Tree tab to list tiers for every crafting skill you have, including Cooking. You can see your current Tradeskill experience and experience needed to unlock the next tier on that list. Every crafting skill has five tiers – Novice ? Apprentice ? Journeyman ? Artisan ? Expert, and every tier has its own sub-tab with its own achievements. You can click on every achievement to check its requirements and awards. Achievements awarding talent points have a star on them. You can even go directly to the crafting screen if the achievement requires some item crafted, just click on the item name. Some achievements are available only after you complete those above – there are lines connecting them.




Talents :Talents grant bonuses to the tradeskill you learned. Talent points are gained by completing Tech Tree achievements marked with a star. There are different talent levels and you can pick only one per level (only one of level 1 talents, only one of level 2 talents…). Level 1 talents require 4 talent points, level 2 talents require 8 talent points, level 3 requires 10 talent points… You pay in crafting vouchers to reset talent points (vouchers are awarded for completing daily crafting quests). Talents only improve the items you craft.