WildStar Tweaks Help Improve Performance and Graphics

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MMOGs can be quite resource demanding, and WildStar Burst doesn’t seem to be an exception. Since we’re playing online, the emphasis is more on performance than it is on visuals.If you’ve got a badass PC and are running the game perfectly, then good for you – you should probably just leave and search for some other guide. But chances are that since you clicked on this guide, you’re probably having performance issues and want some aid.


wildstar tweaks

Well, you’re in luck, because we have a tweaks guide strictly meant to improve performance rather than improving the graphics. Not that it ignores graphics entirely, but performance remains a focus throughout the guide.Any singleplayer game and we’d be telling you a bit of both, but for WildStar and all the multiplayer fun that it offers, we want you to have the smoothest, most seamless experience possible.

Wildstar Tweaks
Before reading the tweaks and suggestions, the first and most basic advice I can give you is to update your graphic card drivers.

Forcing Directx 9
Unfortunately it seems this game can give trouble on certain machines when running in Directx 10 or above. If you’re suspecting such an issue, you can try “forcing” the game into running in Dx9.

1.Create a Desktop shortcut for Wildstar Burst
2.Right click the shortcut icon and select Properties
3.Change the Target from “….\NCSOFT\WildStar\Wildstar.exe” to “….\NCSOFT\WildStar\Wildstar.exe” –dx9
4.Apply this and run the game, and you should be able to notice Dx9 shaders
Running the game on Directx 9 has reported massive frame-rate improvements for many systems.

Windows XP Compatibility (Running the Game on 32-bit Client)
Some users have reported a massive increase in performance by combining Dx9 along with this little tweak.

1.Right click the Desktop shortcut for Wildstar Burst
2.Select Properties, then go to the Compatibility tab
3.Check Run this program in compatibility mode for and select Windows XP Service Pack 3.
The next time you launch the game, a 32-bit client will be downloaded. It seems using this client improves the performance of the game.

Some Add-ons are known to cause issues, and can be disabled or tweaked to improve the performance of Wildstar Burst. Head into the Add-ons menu and click the Memory column to organize all the add-ons based on memory usage.

Try to clear out the top few add-ons, which will likely be causing problems. A few notorious ones are:
Bijiplates/Nameplates – Test both of them and see which one takes less memory, and use that instead.
TargetFrame – This provides information to you regarding health and shielding, so disabling it fully isn’t recommended. Here’s a little add-on replacement that should greatly help you (Fast Target Frames); use it with Dx9 (see above) to get better performance.
CombatLog – This can really take up plenty of juice, particularly in PvP. Turning this off is pretty