WildStar Update Patch: Prequest Changes

wildstarmall Date: Sep/11/14 16:35:33 Views: 407

WildStar becomes less attractive compared within time, NC Soft has been working on it to bring players back, we have discussed WildStar Megaservers and Single-player Dungeon in our former news, we will here today to discuss prequest changes that will go live this week with a weekly patch, we gathered most of our information from Reddit and other forums, may it help you get to know the game better.


WildStar drop 3


The detailed information about this patch has been released at twitch with the title “The Nexus Report: Group Content”, if you can’t find it, don’t worry about it, we have prepared you the tips from it with the attached picture. 


wildstar update september


So, what do you think of these changes? Are you feeling excited or still disappointed about it? Most of the players feel curious about it without much enthusiasm, we just wish there will be more news and updates from its official forum, let us feel that we are still concerned by wildstar developers. Recent news shows that players’ voice become less valued by NC Soft, it is not a nice gesture, wish it will be solved soon.