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  • In wildstar how to protect players account security [11/17/2014]
    Carbine game company for WildStar plug-in used and cheating accounts were processed, a total freeze of 7300 accounts. Wildstar officially listed on June 3, just a month after the start of rampant plug.
  • Wildstar Everything from its crafting to its combat is thoroughly in-depth [11/15/2014]
    WildStar has its innovative elements, but all in all this indicates content with using the familiar EverQuest template and updating it with the best tweaks in recent times and scrapping the worst.
  • Wildstar Copy System Analysis [11/14/2014]
    Speaking of wildstar copy of the system, everyone's feeling is difficult and fun. Anyone whether remembered the old players played World of Warcraft copy of the classic 60's, that really is a strange group off Dora, wildstar worse, even the tank slightly slower reaction will directly be seconds away.
  • Lastest Wildstar Loremageddon Update: Mordesh and Draken Was Created [11/13/2014]
    The latest article of WildStar Loremageddon has been released on the WildStar’s official site. The lore behind the game is laid out by the series. The races in WildStar are the special focuses in the third installment, especially, the Mordesh and Draken.
  • WildStar latest update: Mystery of the Genesis [11/12/2014]
    Carbine Studios is going to release new information about WildStar’s Mystery of the Genesis, which is forthcoming. By the way, when players know more information about WildStar such as Mystery of the Genesis, players can level up quickly without buying WildStar gold.
  • Which one is your favorite Wildstar or World of Warcraft? [11/11/2014]
    Around the past, many MMORPG games are hoping competing with the World of Warcraft, but no game can be as attractive as Blizzard or has attracted so many players at least the past decade.
  • Learning to fix things in Wildstar with Engineers [11/10/2014]
    In this article we will discuss how to to fix things in Wildstar with Engineers. Engineer mainly utilize rocket launchers, they are able to fit tank and DPS roles, they are also essential builders that with the ability to make bots to do different things like support and artillery.
  • 10v10 King of the Hill style PvP map in wildstar Bloodsworn Show [11/08/2014]
    Halls of the Bloodsworn is a 10v10 King of the Hill style PvP map that is unlocked at level 15 in wildstar gameplay. The object of this game is capturing and defending three consecutive control points, the team which one is able to capture all three points faster will win.
  • The importance of Medics in Wildstar [11/07/2014]
    Medic is useful since every player wants him sometimes. WildStar Gold is the virtual currency you will want. Wildstar medic is the mainly healing class in Wildstar, they are able to heal and deal close range damage and they wield probes fields to help allies and coping debuffs and damage to their opponents.
  • Wildstar Occupational Analysis: Cowboy Bebop [11/06/2014]
    The whole game has the longest range, and have excellent maneuverability. Can shuttle between this world and empty The Void , in the void will not be any harm or hatred unless your opponent chase came to void.
  • The best online store for buy cheap Wildstar gold [11/05/2014]
    Gold can be found within Wildstar by just keeping an eye out for it. It is often dropped when you kill enemies or win a PvP battle against an opponent. You may be able to accumulate quite a bit of gold by going this route.
  • What's the wildstar future will be [11/03/2014]
    Carbine game studios President Jeremy Gaffney announced in August, he will resign the CEO position in the company.In the future he will play the role of consultancy and advisory, at the same time he will no longer be responsible for the company's operating business.
  • WildStar definitely has more potential than any MMORPG released previously decade [11/01/2014]
    WildStar is probably the most anticipated MMORPG games of 2014 being manufactured by Carbine Studios with a slated relieve June 3. The genre may be attempted by way of a lot of studios and possess didn't implement enough changes to keep a huge following for instance Warcraft.
  • More Details of Wildstar Different Roles [10/31/2014]
    Soldiers can make a lot of melee physical damage as well as damage skills. In addition, the energy consumed by the soldiers vocational skills divided into two types, namely: fuel cells and adrenaline.
  • Where to buy cheap wildstar gold online? [10/30/2014]
    Millions over the world affection to play video games that can permit them to be included in the game and guarantee that they have some good times. Gamers today love to play games that are intuitive and where they have some part to play.
  • The overview of the WildStar Tradeskill deputy main line [10/29/2014]
    WildStar Tradeskill view: Weaponsmith: made of metal and strengthen the weapons. Armorer: made of metal and strengthening heavy armor. Mining, : collecting mineral and crystal. Survivalist: hunting of skin and flesh, logging can be more effective than others.
  • Oh, No! It's Really Frustrating to Carbine to WildStar [10/28/2014]
    As many of you have heard by now, today NCSoft took to restructuring their Western studios and Carbine got hit in a big way. It’s rumoured that the number let go is in excess of 60 people out of their dev studio of a few hundred.
  • Wildstar Nameplate Addons Roundup [10/27/2014]
    Welcome to our weekly WildStar Addon Spotlight! This week we've got the spotlight on a bunch of nameplate addon replacements!
  • Cassian were chosen to build the Dominion long before [10/25/2014]
    Cassian were selected by the Eldan to build the Dominion long before, they are trying to be sure the pathetic vermin harrying the galaxy do not forget them.
  • How to wield Circuit Board Crafting for item [10/24/2014]
    You can wield Circuit Board Crafting for items that with attributes no matter it is weapons or armor. WildStar platinum is also very useful for every player.
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