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  • Warplots Rewards- Items Imbuements in Wildstar PVP [10/22/2014]
    We have invited Kevin – Wildstar designer to our studios. He talked something about PvP. And he put forward to the Warplots.
  • Where to Buy Safe WildStar Gold Enjoying New adventure [10/21/2014]
    WildStar is amongst the most successful be employed in MMORPG 2014. Plenty of gamers are interested in the overall game. WildStar gold , a type of currency amongst players world.
  • Wildstar New Adventure Guides:The Siege of Tempest Refuge [10/20/2014]
    The Siege of Tempest Refuge is a level 30 adventure that is available for Exiles and Dominions in wildstar online, it is also a 5-man adventure style instance which is located in Whitevale, in the middle of Calmwater Lake, near Protostar Camp.
  • In wildstar how to get more gold [10/18/2014]
    I successfully purchased my first free month of game-time in Wildstar last week with a buy order of 2.25p. In case you’re wondering, there is indeed a fee for putting up a buy order, because sinkception.
  • WildStar Adventure Guides: A new experience [10/17/2014]
    At that time, I thought we were finished, but there is an ultimate boss to defeat in WildStar. Professor crazy Goldbough brewing an escape plan, now he is ready to take action.
  • Do You Know Wildstar AMP? Advanced Modification Protocol [10/16/2014]
    In fact, AMP is abbreviations for Advanced Modification Protocol, and it is a class customization feature of wildstar games. Using a constellation-style grid, players are able to spend points to customize their character into a number of different areas, such as Assault, Utility, or Support, and their combinations.
  • The Wildstar would officially release the Megaservers on Oct.15 [10/15/2014]
    According to the latest news, the Wildstar would officially release the Megaservers on Oct.15! Then, the developer would cmbine all the servers into 4 servers. The specific time is October 15th at 5:00 AM Pacific Time, for a period of 12 to 24 hours.
  • Halls of the Bloodsworn is more difficult to follow than Walatiki Temple in wildstar [10/14/2014]
    Halls of the Bloodsworn is not as easy to follow as Walatiki Temple in wildstar online, it is a bit complicated. The simple explanation for Halls of the Bloodsworn is that it's a Capture The Point map.
  • Questing Comparison of Wildstar and Other Games [10/13/2014]
    WildStar questing works much like other games, but players can usually claim their rewards and hand in their quest through phone. This is an very effective way, players can save a lot of time and go on questing and use WildStar platinum.
  • Own crowd control and movement are available in WildStar [10/11/2014]
    WildStar has its own crowd control and movement, you are able to double jump and dash, dash is like to get space as contrary to immunity. WildStar platinum is useful for every player.
  • Wildstar Another Battleground: Halls of the Bloodsworn [10/10/2014]
    Halls of the Bloodsworn is the other battleground in the wildstar games, it is a 10v10 Capture battleground, where players must stand on a central point to "capture" it while fending off attacking enemies.
  • Players to make the second choice in WildStar Game [10/09/2014]
    Mine safety, we is also a time to make the second choice in WildStar. One culprit has reset the security control turret - we need to take? A Aurin scientists have been busy invasion computer collecting materials, whether we should remove him?
  • Wildstar New Patch: Wildstar Single-player Dungeon [10/08/2014]
    Since the Wildstar released for 3 moths, the popularity has decreased as before.Although most of players agree this is a great game, but the difficulty level prevent parts of ordinary players away from this game.
  • What’s your level in Wildstar and Have your hit level 50 already? [10/07/2014]
    The Wildstar has released for 1 month, as for now, what’s your level in Wildstar? Have your hit level 50 already? If you are satisfied about the content of Wildstar as for now, while i have to tell you the content after Level 50 will be more wonderful!Today, we are glad to talk about the interesting content you can do after hit Level 50.
  • Will you wait till November to see the coming of WildStar Drop 3? [10/04/2014]
    We WildStar players all believe that we can experience WildStar Drop 3 in October, but bad news is that we still have to wait till November, another long month to wait. But it is good to know that the Megaservers and the runecrafting changes will be coming before Drop 3, probably in mid October.
  • Wildstar Stalker Guide: About Tank Build [09/29/2014]
    At the present Wildstar version, the Stalker is the best Tank, unmatched by any professional and the play style is various.The Stalker, despite being a class capable of stealthing, is an exceptional tank.
  • How to obtain wildstar gold Quickly and Easily? [09/28/2014]
    In wildstar, obtaining gold is an important part of optimally equipping a character because wildstar gold can be used to buy many useful items. How to obtain wildstar gold Quickly and Easily?
  • Wildstar Stalker Guides: The Best DPS Build [09/27/2014]
    In the Wildstar PVE, the Stalker single damage is the best. I have experienced three classes, one is Esper, the another is Spellslinger. On the speed of leveling up, Stalker would be the fastest! Now, i’m glad to share my Build share with you.
  • Why you should choose Wildstarmall.com to buy cheap wildstar gold? [09/26/2014]
    Many WildStar fans are waiting for the coming of its update in next month and we all hoping that this will return the hot picture it used to be. We are here today to discuss the five reasons that we can choose Wildstarmall.com for cheap WildStar Gold.
  • WildStar's Newest Battleground - Bombs and Barrages in Daggerstone Pass [09/24/2014]
    It was bound to be a slaughter. On my Exile team were 15 people connected by our professions--some of us games writers, some of us game developers at Carbine Studios;
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