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  • How to Learn New Keybindings in WildStar [08/12/2014]
    Keybinding is a sensitive topic,the way that you feel comfortable setting up your keybinds may be very different from mine – what matters is that you are able to execute the 3 numbered points above. We’ve had many gamers adopt our setup or its philosophy and they have reported good success.
  • How to Maximize your housing buff in WildStar [08/11/2014]
    Just in case you did not know, there are 5 kinds of housing buffs, Aroma, Comfort, Lighting, Pride and Ambience. These buffs control how much rested XP you get when logged off in your house. But by this point you probably already know that. You have also learned that getting a lot of small lights does not consitute a large lighting buff etc. So I have complied a very simple list of the items that you can easily find and afford that will give you the large buffs so you can obtain the most rested xp possible.
  • The Guide to Be a Sucessful Miner in WildStar [08/09/2014]
    Mining is a useful profession if you want to make wildstar gold and is essential if you plan on being a Blacksmith, Engineer or Jewelcrafter. To be a successful miner, here are a few things to know before you rush off and start chipping away at mineral veins.
  • How to make money in WildStar as a Crafter [08/08/2014]
    Are you poor? Can’t afford that new hoverboard? Trying to get gold for your mount? Then I have the solution for you! In just under 30 minutes a day you can get your bank account looking fat and plump! Buy happiness, today!
  • Possible Tricks to Upgrade WildStar Raid Experience [08/07/2014]
    WildStar Raid is an important part in WS PVE content, and there are two Raid Instances in WildStar, one is the 20 man raid Genetic Archives and the other one is the 40 man Datascape. The first one has been conquered by players
  • WildStar Stalker DPS Leveling Guide [08/06/2014]
    e’ve seen a lot of levelling / skill guides for other classes around the forum and websites, but nothing really for the Stalker class. We’ve been asked a lot in game for advice and tips when We’ve ploughed through mobs near other stalkers, so I thought I’d stick something together and share with the fans
  • How to make easy money for the WildStar new patch [08/05/2014]
    Are you poor? Can’t afford that new hoverboard? Trying to get gold for your mount? Then I have the solution for you! In just under 30 minutes a day you can get your bank account looking fat and plump! Buy happiness, today!
  • The Detail Analysis of C.R.E.D.D. Market [08/04/2014]
    There is no definitive best time to get involved in the C.R.E.D.D. market. Before getting involved, you should spend several days watching the prices as they fluctuate, until you have a comfortable measure of where the market is going. Several indicators that you are probably prepared for purchasing your first C.R.E.D.D.
  • WildStar Guide to Solve PVP Gear Problems [08/02/2014]
    WildStar PVP is quite attractive actually, but we have to say it is actually not easy to win even if we have many WildStar Gold. And the Gear Problems in PVP is really trouble, we are here today to discuss it and offer you some possible solutions to this problem, may it help you enjoy the game better.
  • WildStar Tips and Tricks for Walatiki Temple [08/01/2014]
    Walatiki Temple is a 10 v 10 battleground available at level 6. It's easy to learn and fun to play. Even if you don't normally play BG's, try it out -- the rewards can be sweet! I've acquired some nice gear pieces when leveling up, and once received two housing FABkits in one PVP reward bag.
  • What can you do with Elder Gems in WildStar [07/31/2014]
    Elder Gems are the currency for WildStar's Elder Game content, which can be used to purchase gear, cosmetics, and useful items for level 50 characters.
  • Tips and Tricks for WildStar New PVP -Sabotage [07/30/2014]
    Are you looking to improve your PvP game in Wildstar? You’re in the right place.What's next for Wildstar? After the bio-terror of the Strain update, Ultradrop 2: Sabotage is based more on the act of hitting fellow players with sharp weapons, or shooting fellow players with laser pistols.
  • How the abilities system work in WildStar [07/29/2014]
    The abilities system in Wildstar is very flexible and user-friendly, thanks to the option of modifying the abilities. The whole set of abilities in the game is called the "Action Set Builder". It should be noted that at the 20th level, the character gains an additional Action Set tab
  • WildStar new PVP game mode :Sabotage [07/28/2014]
    Wildstar's next major content update — Sabotage — will introduce a plethora of player-versus-player options to the game, including a 15-on-15 battleground arena. In Sabotage, you'll navigate on your mounts
  • WildStar News:7-day free trial keys Giveaway [07/26/2014]
    According to the latest post on the WildStar official website, all gamers who grab 7-day free trial keys will have the chance to explore Nexus 7 days for free. Starting Monday at 6:00am PDT July 28th, all you have to do is to visit partner
  • WildStar Generous Donor Achievement – Thayd Museum [07/25/2014]
    Generous Donor Achievement is unlocked when you gather eight (8) relics found throughout Nexus. This guide describes locations of Exile relics. Finding one of these relics gives you a quest that sends you to the Museum in Thayd. This is where you are supposed to leave these relics for safekeeping.
  • WildStar Guide:Gifting C.R.E.D.D [07/24/2014]
    Once you purchase C.R.E.D.D. there is several different ways to use it. This article covers how to gift C.R.E.D.D to people in your WildStar Friend’s List. Making mistakes here can be deadly, so pay attention, Cupcacke.
  • WildStar Rare Mobs in Daily Zones [07/23/2014]
    There are 4 rare mobs you can encounter while adventuring through Crimson Badlands and Northern Wastes. Two of them are found in Crimson Badlands and the other two are in Northern Wastes.
  • How to Gain the Fastest EXP in WildStar [07/22/2014]
    When it comes to leveling quickly in WildStar, all classes will have a fair shot at leveling efficiently either solo or with teammates. Due to the solid trinity system that’s in place, some classes and specs will level quicker than others.
  • Wildstar Architect Leveling Guide [07/21/2014]
    Architect in Wildstar relies on every other gathering profession, however the two that stand out are Survivalist and Mining. Survivalist seems to be the most important but if you do choose Mining you can buy the materials from the Commodities Vendor.
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