PVP Rating Power leveling

our skilled players could power level your character's pvp rating to 1500/1800 starts at any rating between 1200 and 1800. At 1800 personal arena rating you can get best weapon this game so far.(T2 weapon)



1) 1200 personal arena rating to 1500

2) 1500 personal arena rating to 1800

bundle: 1200 to 1800 all in one in 5 days ( we will do everything for you including select runes, gears, farm prestige, build up your character into most powerful one in your realm)

price : negotiable (you pay a certain amount of money for deposit, once our job done as your character reaches 1500/1800 rating, you pay the left. Please contact our customer service first that we can arrange our players schedules for you, and price may vary due to class hardness. 

time: 2 days for reaching 1500, 3 days for reaching 1800 from 1500

Starting at rating 1200, you must have at least 5 blue pvp gears including head, shoulder, chest, leg, and boot . Other slots must be blue/purple from adventure or crafting. Must have full sets of basic runes (those ones increase your assault power) you can buy our prestige farming service for your pvp gears here and if you need extra gold, our offer here.
Starting at rating 1500, you must have at least 5 purple pvp gears including head, shoulder, chest leg and boot. Must have full sets of basic runes. By that it means we can either farm the prestige for you or you can have your character back and farm the gear yourself.
Our skilled player could help you choose rune sets, gears to buff your character once you make the order, you basically just leave enough plats on your character that we manage to build up your character. For instance the full rune sets requires around 3p to 5p for mats from ah, best shield, implants right now cost around 20p in some servers. 

Our promise:

Our skilled players are all from NA and Europe, some of them you may know from twitch/youtube
We will offer skype you can directly talk with the one working on your character any time in order to check progression.
We will keep all of the pvp reward bags for you so you may have chance to get skill/amp upgrade later. ( you have to clean your bag before we start to work on your character.)
Please contact our custom service before you make the order that make sure we have right person available for you. 

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